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Written and directed by David Van Tassel as a student at McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland, Legacy of Dog is a movie I had the pleasure to star in as the lead villain. The ruthless gang leader, Osiris Munich.

SYNOPSIS (Taken from the Official Facebook Group):

Henry, a young man who grew up in a small village discovers that someone has killed his Master, the man who raised him. Now he is set on a journey of revenge where he must travel to a different world of the big city to exact vengeance.

Creating the fight choreography for the final climactic battle between myself and Henry was a tough task, and one I did not take lightly. Working with rising star Nick McCourt, who had never taken a martial art in his life, I had to instruct him in some Kung Fu basics (the Shaolin styles I have learned under Fundi John Weeks at Self Mastery Systems) including footwork, waist movement, and stances. Nick learned super-quick, and by the time we had to film the showdown, he was a force to be reckoned with.

Before you see the final fight in the finished version of the film, I have a treat for you all to check out: some exclusive behind-the-scenes recordings of the training sessions, edited to Eminem’s “Cinderella Man”. I figured the music was appropriate, because it applies to Nick’s character Henry, who must defy the odds and defeat the evil Kung Fu master, Osiris Munich, so that he can avenge his grandfather and save the town of Bellicus City.

You can also watch the original prequel minisode in which Munich appears for the first time, “Two Brothers”, a role I personally felt was a source of major growth in my acting skills. Instead of playing Munich as a super-angry psycho gangster, I tried a different approach. Let me know what you think! Mad props to David Van Tassel for getting this project off the ground!

LEGACY OF DOG will Premiere Sometime this May!

It’s only a couple of days late! It’s still good, it’s still GOOD TIMES!

Sam Anderson, the original co-creator of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films, just celebrated his 25th Birthday, and thankfully I got to travel down to the faraway land of Harrisonburg, VA, to watch some of our old movies and of course, our inspiration, Sockbaby, with the original Chin-Strap himself. He is also the living embodiment of “GOOD TIMES!” And, as always, this has lead us to creating Sam’s own Cast and Crew page!

Sam was there LITERALLY AT THE BEGINNING. I can remember sitting in his house with him (or something, but to be visual we’ll use that) trying to come up with something to do with my first video camera, the ol’ Canon Elura 90 (R.I.P.). To convince him and his friends Stuart DeMattia and Bob Novich to join in, I simply told him “we’re going to go into your back yard and film you guys hitting each other with lightsabers.” When it comes to amateur film making, Star Wars always works to bait amateur actors. Thus, the first official Strike a Pose!!! Film, The Third Path, was born.

Sam went on to star in many of our projects, including Joe Belivitz in Car Trouble, Clarity, Line of Sight, and the biggest SAP production still unreleased, CURSE OF BODANGOFISH.

And THAT was an adventure in film making!

Sam has been one of my best buds and was always helpful in my projects, creating music that was used in Gull Man: Defender of Salisbury, and even making his own short for one of his college classes, CODEBREAKERS, a great little educational short about MATH.

Anywho, Sam, thank you for being the most excellent, and most Bondangoiest, friend in the world! Without you, STRIKE A POSE!!! Films wouldn’t be what it has been and will someday be again!

Happy Birthday, Bob Novich!

Friday was a very sacred day– December 17th was the day a savior was born. A very important day in December, indeed! Robert “Bob” Novich has been helping out with Strike a Pose!!! Films for years, and in today’s post we celebrate his life and future death with his very own Cast and Crew Page as well as this post featuring The Many Faces of Bob Novich.

Be sure to check him out in any one of his three ground-breaking roles, from a shady Dealer in The Third Path, to the mysterious killer in Clarity, to the tough-as-nails cage fighter in Line of Sight. Comment today and show him some love!

Thank you for all your hard work with us over the years, Bob. We look forward to getting you into more videos!


Today is a special day- it celebrates the day of birth of one of the acting GODS of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Well, more like acting Ghost. DJ GH057 that is. As per the trend these days, as a birthday present, we’re announcing Damien’s own Cast and Crew Page, but also a special event: below we will be premiering a long overdue short video. For now, let’s celebrate G4057’s career, VH1 style!

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November second has rolled around again and that means it’s a very important day. A day where we decide, a day where we choose. And a day where we decide to choose to ignore that decision to choose!

But what do WE do on November 2nd, at leat in SAP territory? We celebrate one of the best friends and actors this group and myself have ever had. James-freaking-Howe. That’s what we do!

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