Joe Belivitz in: CAR TROUBLE

Quite possibly the most disturbing work yet made by STRIKE A POSE!!! Films in Montgomery County, Dylan Hintz directed himself, Sam Anderson, Damien McCoy, and Rob Ramirez once again and all together for one mind-freak of a film. Joe Belivitz and Fred return in this prequel to CURSE OF BODANGO FISH. Filmed on location and at night in the rain, this eerie tale will shock and amaze viewers with its non-soundtrack approach and artistic camera angles. The familiar backdrop won’t put anyone to ease either. In the themes of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, you never know what you’ll uncover in your peaceful town if you look hard enough, and sometimes you’ll wish you hadn’t. Dennis Hopper and Pabst Blue Ribbon not included.

Directed by Dylan Hintz. Starring Sam Anderson, Damien McCoy, Rob Ramirez, and Dylan Hintz. 12 Minutes. 2007.