In a collaboration with Matthew Merback (the man who would be Dresden), some excellent film makers in the Colorado region, and with permission from Jim Butcher himself, I present you, our teaser for COLD DAYS – A Novel of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

Be sure to check it out on YouTube and read the description for all your cast and credit information! Links to the book and more can be found there.

In the meantime, some back story:

I’ve been reading The Dresden Files since my freshman year at college. The series of novels quickly grew into my favorite, with riveting characters and incredible adventures, all told from the film-noir styled first person perspective of Chicago’s craziest urban Wizard, Harry Dresden.

Since then, I’ve been dying to create something based on it in the film medium, and through my conversations and lots of pushing by my long-distance pal, Matthew Merback (Dresden), we managed to do a cross-country collab that, hopefully, will give us the opportunity to create more like this in the future!

With that in mind, creating this video was no easy task! Though it was shot on an iPhone 4S (not ideal) and edited in Sony Vegas, using a graphic imported from Maya (a program I’ve NEVER used, again, not ideal!), and co-directed by myself, from across the country, with only a prototype pre-viz to work off of (you can check that out exclusively here!) , it seemed doomed from the start.

But Matthew pushed me, we stuck through it, and well, I can’t say I’m unhappy with the final product. How could I be unhappy with it, when the author himself has had some positive things to say? I can’t be terribly specific, but I will use one word the author sent our way:

“Groovy” – Jim Butcher. 

That’s about all I needed to hear.

Cold Days Dresden Files