The Expendables 2 Review

Last Saturday the DC Stunt Coalition, some friends, and myself went out to see “The Expendables 2”, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, (not) Jet Li, Jean Claude Vann Damme, Scott Adkins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis. Dolph Lundgren provided comic relief, and Terry Crews and Randy Coutoure did the only real awesome stuff. PLUS! Chuck Norris solidifies his legend once and for all.

DC Stunt Coalition Expendables 2 Review

Here’s our VIDEO REVIEW:

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  • Graypheonix

    Here’s my Full Review Dylan:

    Why modern action movies suck – Expendables 2by Robert Novich

    action movie is a delicate thing.  It
    must carefully balance the aspects of story, characters and action, to create a
    movie that, at its best or even worst, uses quick scenes to distract the
    audience from glaring flaws in its story or execution…by using explosions and
    fight scenes.  This is the art of
    Stallone Cinema, of the Schwartzenager’s and Bruce Willis’ films of the past. 

                   So with
    all of these action greats in this film, why couldn’t they do the same in The
    Expendables 2?

    first, I am a fan of the first movie…tentatively.  Mind you, 2-3 years ago I loved Machette far
    more (more over the top action scenes, better drama, ridiculous get
    the idea) but The Expendables (the first one) had a naive appeal, a hope, that,
    instead of just bringing a group of badass action heroes together, they were
    trying to build a world of

                   And if
    they had done that in Expendables 2 I would have loved it. 

    this is a movie composed of shout-outs to movies – ones I’ve never seen – bad
    run and gun scenes and enough ridiculously bad crap it would have made me walk
    out and demand my money back if I hadn’t been sitting with friends.  The reason?

                   A movie
    with action stars should provide scenes where every one of them gets to show
    their best, and here, only Jet Li got one, in my opinion. 

    get me wrong, there are highlights.  The
    first 5-10 minutes of the film made me fall in love with it.  10 minutes of action stars charging in,
    taking control, getting hostages out, and being badass?  If there were 2-3 more scenes up to this level
    of pacing, timing and polish, I would have loved the movie, no question.  Instead? 
    Scenes that were more shout-outs, walk-ons, and cameos than actually

    worst example is the man I hate the most in this movie…Chuck Norris.  I make no excuse, I hate the man. 

    class martial artist, that doesn’t even show a single move?  A man that is known, reported and endorsed as
    made of badass…spends the entire movie doing run and gun instead of using his
    own martial art’s style of attack?

                   This is
    the worst part of the movie to me, what could have been badass, is instead a
    walk-on part that could have established anyone as a bone-crushing master of
    the art of combat…by not showing a single thing that wasn’t done by the SFX

                   A neck
    break, a stab, throw someone down a flight of stairs…Dolph Lundgren was more
    amazing in this film than anyone else…and he does more action and actual
    acting than Chuck Norris. 

    Dolph Lundgren, Liam Hemsworth and Terry Crews all provide great little
    characters…but it seems like so many of the cast are just playing bit parts,
    or going through the motions, instead of the great performances they can
    provide.                 In truth, my real criticism of this film is two fold.  First, these are a number of the best action starts in the field.  Why is it that it looks so awkward on screen to see some of these parts…and why didn’t they watch these parts and go “ya know that feels weird, is there a reason why?”               And second, where are the action scenes like the very start of the movie?  Like is said, one more well timed, scripted and executed fight scene like this, and I would have loved the Expendables 2.  

                   If I
    could say something to Stallone for this, where’s your cut?