What is STRIKE A POSE!!! Films?

STRIKE A POSE!!! Films is a film company started by Dylan Hintz and Sam Anderson, two wild and crazy guys from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Dylan is the insanity behind the group, and does most of the directing and technical work, but without his own personal “Bruce Campbell” in Sam Anderson, the company might not have made it as far!

The Founders: Dylan Hintz and Sam Anderson

The Cast and Crew

STRIKE A POSE!!! Films focuses on amatuer film- AKA zero budget, improvised (or bare-bone) scripted films, that require on-the-spot creativity. Eventually, the company hopes to work with scripts and larger groups of actors and more professionals, but for right now it’s main goals are to inspire people to do what they can with what they got!

With this in mind, the company has made over 30 shorts, a few music videos, has filmed conventions such as Otakon, and has created one major Indie short, Curse of Bodangofish, filmed at the scenic Outer Banks, North Carolina.

About the Founder

Dylan didn’t just start SAP- he’s also the founding father of the Future Film Makers Club at Salisbury University. After four years he managed to bring his dreams of epic scope, deep characterization, and edgy style to SU with each new experimental video through weekly meetings and yearly festivals!

Dylan is also the official videographer for martial arts and sciences school, Self Mastery Systems, capturing the spirit of the unique teachings under Fundi Weeks.

Dylan has also worked with professional film makers Stuart Townsend and Al Thompson, as a PA, audio assistant, behind-the-scenes videographer, gaffer, lighting assistant, extra wrangler, talent transporter, and featured extra. He has starred in the production Bride for the Future Film Makers Club, as well as acted as an anchorman on Don Singleton’s public access news show, Nexus. He even performed for the entire Summer of 2009 as a stuntman in the Six Flags stunt show “A Pirates Tale”

Dylan has also been selected as a winner for the talent search competition, American Mall Model Search, successfully earning a one year contract with Model Productions. You can find him also on Model Mayhem.

For his full resume, you can go here.

Through all his experiences, the good the bad and the ugly, he has learned a lot being on both ends of the industry, and encourages every film maker out there looking for a dream to stand up, defy logic and reason and


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