Gullman: Defender of Salisbury

Made for both the Future Film Makers Club and Gull’s Eye View, “Gullman: Defender of Salisbury” is the last comedy skit directed by Dylan Hintz for PAC 14.

After weeks of criminal unrest in the Salisbury University Area, the campus is in utter disarray! Thankfully, the Allegiance of Super Heroes has sent in one of their best champions, Gullman (who just happens to fit the theme of the campus), to help clean up crime and save the day! Little does he know what lay in store for him. Based around an interview with local news-figurehead Robert Queue- “Gullman” breaks into many different forms of media and is one of the more complex works crafted by the Future Film Makers.

Many special thanks go out on this one:

Stephanie Kratz for designing, making, and fitting the AMAZING Gullman costume, as well as Teleprompter work
James Howe (Gullman) for putting up with everything.
Philip Krocheski (Robert Queue) for filling in at the last minute for a spectacular end!
Matt Horst (Gangsta Gangsta) for playing an amazingly accurate portrayal of a SU thug
Keith Mathias (Steve the College student) for playing an amazingly accurate portrayal of an SU student
Jason Brown and Amber Todd for studio help!
Sam Anderson for the use of his track “Thrasher”
And everyone else who showed up to make this project as great as it is!

3 minutes and 10 seconds. 2008 Future Film Makers Productions.