Robert Novich

Robert “Bob” Novich has been an instrumental hand in the development of Strike A Pose!!! Films SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. Having dueled Dylan to the death in Magic The Gathering games in high school since his Sophomore year, it was an unlikely twist of fate that Dylan and Bob would become allies later in life through the world of film making.

For Bob, this all started with his first role as the creepy and enigmatic Dealer– a man behind the curtain in the first Strike a Pose!!! Film, the Star Wars satire “The Third Path“, costarring other SAP originals Sam Anderson and Stuart DeMattia. Bob went on to reprise this role a week later in his own light saber fight with Orien Dye in “Ascension”- the second part of a planned but never completed trilogy. Blame rotoscoping (and Dylan never learning it).

While Strike A Pose!!! Films moved to Salisbury for a few years, Bob spent his time figuring out multiple routes towards what he wants to do with his life.  One of them was as a writer. But, it seemed he also was well on his way to becoming a criminal investigator, ironic considering his next role in a film with SAP would be as the also enigmatic Venetian Killer who may or may not have been tormenting Sam Anderson’s Detective character in the hit psychological thriller, Clarity. Bob didn’t take up much screen time, but it was a worthwhile and chilling representation of the darker side of the group’s film style, and added a lot of horror from the first shot to the final act.

Following that role, Bob also got his first chance as a star in the first-ever choreographed action film for SAP, Line of Sight. Playing the main character, the rage-driven outcast cagefighter Stray, Bob displayed his martial talent and ability to wear bad ass boots with much style. Squaring off with his future kung fu teacher, Robert Ramirez, Bob and Rob proved to be the hardest people Dylan ever had to give direction to. You try yelling two annoyingly similar names at the top of your lungs for a fight scene! It ain’t easy!

Bob also performed the role of Bandana Bounty Hunter in the never-completed film, Worst Story Ever Told: A Walk in the Woods, coming NEVER to an internet near you. He has also proven to be a more than apt assistant camera man for Max Action during Otakon videos!

Bob has since gotten involved with Self Mastery Systems and is working on completing his bachelor’s degree. He’s a kick ass friend of the group- one of it’s most unlikely allies, and is determined to help Dylan get his act together and put the story together for The Peregrine Saga— a magnum opus that has made much of it’s mental development in Dylan’s head possible only because of Bob’s help in storycraft.

STRIKE A POSE!!! Filmography

The Third Path as Dealer
Ascension as Dealer
Clarity as Venetian Killer
Line of Sight as Stray
The Worst Story Ever Told: A Walk in the Woods as Bandana Bandit