CLARITY is STRIKE A POSE!!! Films first attempt at the mystery/thriller genre, and a more serious take in tone than what we usually offer. The first film shot with Dylan’s second camera, the PVGS500, it was a nifty experiment that brought together a lot of creative talent in their most dramatic roles to date. Sam Anderson plays the Detective, a man who is seeking for answers, for vengeance, for clarity. Damien McCoy plays the Boy, a young man who is seeking his lost girlfriend. Played by Whitney Arkin in her first STRIKE A POSE!!! role, the Girl is the victim caught in the manacles of a serial killer known only as the Venetian. In his stunning first performance since Ascension, Bob Novich returns to the digital screen as the killer, bringing presence and terror to the scenes.

As the Boy tries to convince the Detective of his girlfriend’s existence, the Detective begins to submerge himself in his own memories of his lost love, a woman taken from him under unnervingly similar circumstances. Can they find the girl in time? Or is she just a figment of the boy’s imagination? Why doesn’t she appear in any phone book or database? What is the game the Venetian is playing?

CLARITY is directed and edited by Dylan Hintz. Starring Sam Anderson, Damien McCoy, Bob Novich, and introducing Whitney Arkin. Music by Damien McCoy. Date of release TBA.