Robert Ramirez

Robert “Rob” Ramirez has worked with Strike a Pose!!! Films since the very beginning. Having met Dylan at Quince Orchard High School, the two were originally arch enemies! Their first role together actually consisted of a three-man English Class recreation of a scene from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” also co-starring David Harris. Rob’s ear was soon kicked, and the three became close friends, eventually going on to make “Locked Blades” parts 1 and 2.

Since then, Rob has been a part of the cast on a number of films, including the comedy-thriller “Joe Belevitz in: Car Trouble” and the uneleased “Tears over Lebanon” short. His biggest role so far, however, was as his recurring character Monk in the Peregrine Saga short film, “Line of Sight”. Robert utilized his martial arts skills gained from training at Self Mastery Systems with Fundi Weeks since 2003 to craft the movie’s wicked fight choreography. Since then he has also practiced acting in other shorts, such as the mocku-drama “The Road Trip” co starring Dylan as they road up to highways to New Hampshire.

Also through collaborations with Self Mastery Systems and Strike a Pose!!! Films, Rob has starred in the unfinished Documentary “100 Days” as well as many short scenes, production videos, and commercials for the martial arts school that have premiered on the site.

Regardless of almost no previous acting training, Robert’s martial arts skills and support for the website over the years has been invaluable, and will continue to be so! Robert will star in the upcoming Webseries prequel to the Peregrine Saga, the tentatively titled “Journey to the East” in 2011, showing off his continued fight training and acting ability!

STRIKE A POSE!!! Filmography

Locked Blades Part 1 as Monk

Locked Blades Part 2 as Monk

Joe Belivitz in: Car Trouble as Stick Man

Tears Over Lebanon as Rob

Line of Sight as Monk – Also Fight Choreographer

Moyo Videos as Himself

The Road Trip as Rob