November second has rolled around again and that means it’s a very important day. A day where we decide, a day where we choose. And a day where we decide to choose to ignore that decision to choose!

But what do WE do on November 2nd, at leat in SAP territory? We celebrate one of the best friends and actors this group and myself have ever had. James-freaking-Howe. That’s what we do!

In celebration of James’s birthday, we’ve created an all-new cast page, so you can get his full story whenever you like, under the Cast and Crew section of the site. Also, as a bonus, I decided to whip up a tribute video in the form of some wacky behind the scenes antics from one of our first films together, Spy Boxing. This Metal Gear Solid and various Bond Movie spoof gave rise to one of James’s greatest creations ever: The Foriegn Guy! Give it a watch, and you’ll see how our collective madness, along with Phil Krocheski, became our method!

Thanks James for the years of fun and support you’ve given me, and the laughs you’ve provided everyone else!

*Also of note- This Weekend James will be appearing in person at Salisbury University for the premiere of the Future Film Maker’s film, BRIDE. You can get more info on the facebook event, or see the trailer here: