James Howe

James Patrick Howe has worked with Strike a Pose!!! Films almost since the beginning. He worked with Dylan and Phil Krocheski on the incompleted project, The Bellows during their first semester together at Salisbury University. In 2006, he served as a huge player in the formation of the original STRIKE A POSE! FILM CLUB at, which went on to become Future Film Makers, serving as the first Vice President to one of the best clubs on campus!

His outrageous, over the top, internet brand of comedy led to the creation of one of our staple characters, the ever-familiar FOREIGN GUY, a secret agent from…well whatever country we needed at the time. James also assisted Dylan in a few of his first projects, including The Midnight Run and The Monster Energy Drink Commercial featuring Rob Moroney.
He was in a never ending cold-war with the notorious Agent Q, who went on to become Robo-Q (both played by Philip Krocheski). They clashed in the original SPY WARS films, (Spy Boxing, The Intersection) as well as hosted epic battles in GULLMAN: Defender of Salisbury and JASPER CONROY: Salisbury Bounty Hunter.

He will rule the world...by killing one spy at a time! James’s went on to be in three films in the 2008-2009 school year. CONFLICT RESOLUTION, aka BE A DUDE MAN, the improvised school-yard tussle about conflict resolution classes, wherein he played Professor Foreign, and kept the whole classes bawling in laughter. He took a more straight-man turn alongside Matt Solomon in the gag-reel comedy “Guide to What You Shouldn’t Not Do”. He won a Film Festival Award for his performance and participation in the project.

James’s final performance with us was the Future Film Maker’s Club short feature, BRIDE, co-starring Christine Demino, Steve Young, Thomas England, Dylan Hintz and Carole Hachem. He really took the opportunity to stretch his acting muscles and play the sympathetic and heartbroken Brad Groomwell, one of the main characters of the film.

Along with much of the Future Film Makers Club that grew to love him over his four years at Salisbury University, James helped throw at his amazingly scary off-campus house, which must have been used in films almost as many times as he was! As both a lead and support to many Strike a Pose!!! Films, James has created some of the most memorable and funny characters in the stock and, like another secret agent, will hopefully return in future films.



The Bellows as James
Spy Boxing  as The Foriegn Diplomat
The Intersection as The Foriegn Guy
The Midnight Run as Late Night Guy
Monster Energy Drink Commercial as Monster Hunter
Gullman: Defender of Salisbury as Gullman
Jasper Conroy: Salisbury Bounty Hunter as Tony the Dealer
Be a Dude Man as Professor Foreign
Bride as Brad Groomwell