STRIKE BACK! October 2010

October was a pretty awesome month for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films– not quite reaching the noteriety of September, but it sure as hell did pull some rabbits out of some hats by the end of the month!


Max has a couple more chapters in his Zombie Trilogy to show you, and we have a couple more birthdays coming up this month! In the meantime I’m acting in quite a few new projects, which you’ll get some more intel on in the coming weeks!

While we haven’t gotten around to adding many more features to the site this month, we’ve fixed some issues with the Essays section and added some material to the Gallery. What’s most important to note are two things:


1. We’ve started using Blip.TV for some of our new, Max oriented content– so if you see ads before videos, don’t be frightened- it’s just your way of telling us you love us by helping to support the site. I figured that since both Angry Video Game Nerd and Red Vs. Blue use Blip.TV , there was no reason not to give it a swing. So far- it’s working out pretty well!

2. The Facebook Group and Max Action Pages on Facebook for the site are growing in popularity. If you all would please click the Share button on both pages, it’d be really appreciated! You can usually find newest photos, news, and information about where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing MOST QUICKLY on the group!

We’re gaining momentum now, and need to start growing our fanbase even bigger so that when we make connections with people like, Space Monkey Mafia Studios, Now It’s Dark Films,, and the Ninjas Vs. crew, we have our own MASSIVE fan base to share with them! It’s all about building a community of film makers and indepent art fans in the Montgomery County/DC area. If this succeeds, we’ll be able to start bringin a lot more content to local conventions like Interventioncon, Katsucon, and Otakon. But it is all up to you guys, the fans! Oh, and I guess me and Max!

So Share Us With Your Friends!

(not necessarily in all caps).

November is going to be HUGE people! What content would you like to see? Comment below!