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STRIKE BACK! October 2010

October was a pretty awesome month for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films– not quite reaching the noteriety of September, but it sure as hell did pull some rabbits out of some hats by the end of the month!

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First of all, I would just like to state this month is’s MOST VIEWED MONTH OF ALL TIME! Thank you so much everyone out there who checked out our new videos, read our old essays, thumbed through our galleries, and even read our random posts! Thanks to you, we’ll be adding new features, looks, and links to the site this month.

Now on to the news.

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Let me just start by wishing my friends at Salisbury University good luck, and give my best to the Future Film Maker’s Club, who you can find on Facebook as well-  they’re starting a new glorious year!

And in the News
This month has been our second-highest viewed month of all time in the history of the site, so we’re going to celebrate by trying something new.

STRIKE BACK! will be an end-of-month article that details everything we’ve posted over the course of the last month in terms of videos and essays, and also will mention other film maker’s we’ve gotten in contact with and would like to help promote.

The Strike a Pose!!! Films facebook group is still growing and is bigger than ever. We passed 150 members, so our next goal is 200, and eventually, over 9000.

We even have a new placeholder logo. Be sure to show it to your friends!


We also have been introduced and syndicated through our wonderful comrade website, Space Monkey Mafia Studios, where I’m writing under the alias Slinger. I know- so secretive! We’ll be posting more for that site soon, so keep an eye out on them- they have some great content!


This month’s STRIKE BACK is almost all about MAX ACTION, our MAN OF ACTION, who’s gotten his own page on the website, as well as his own Facebook Page.

Max will even start making appearances at Club Orpheus in Baltimore as an official mascot of N-Code (brought to you by Binary Gaming and Eclipse)! Don’t hesistate to find him before he finds you.

We’ve also added a CAST AND CREW page which is slowly growing, but by the end of September should be full of bios, link, new art images and more! Just check out Stuart DeMattia’s page for a sample- you could be next!

The forums, contact page, and comments have all also received updates. Hopefully by November we’ll have a new look and feel to the site as well to celebrate it’s 4 Year Anniversary.

New Max Action viral videos all over the net: Max Action at Otakon ’08, Max and The Joker Problem, Max Action Meets Naked Snake, Max Action in: What Otaku Want and a short remaster from the original, Max Action PSA 1: Video Games.

Moyo Fitness Teasers 1 and 2 for Self Mastery Systems. Check out their Youtube Page!


And I even found time to make a Halo 3 Skill Vid Demo featuring Neutralx2 , with a full video to come sometime in October, hopefully!

This month was GREAT for us, and September promises to be even more, well, PROMISING! So be sure to click those share buttons and show all your friends, cause they need to get in on this and STRIKE A POSE!!!