This new film by Dylan Hintz is the first to be produced by the Future Film Makers Club and made public since The Intersection!

Starring Thomas England as “Thomas,” the story here is about a young freshman college student who procrastinates so much that his GPA goes way down. His mother and father, very worried for his success, decide that the best course of action will be to send a tutor of sorts.

Unfortunately for Thomas they have sent MAX ACTION, the MAN OF ACTION, who’s methods are somewhat…unusual.

Running time- 2:30
Future Filmmakers Films 2008

Starring Thomas England and Dylan Hintz. Brief cameo by Chris Snyder. Camerawork assistance provided by Kara Paffenberger. Directed by Dylan Hintz.

This film will also be premiering on PAC14 in Salisbury in the student produced show, Gull’s Eye View. Check it out if you can!

  • Danni

    The thoughts that went through my mind while watching this film.


    1) Tee hee, Dylan’s so intense. It’s silly.
    3) @ Dylan: OH DEAR LORD YOU GOT HIT BY A CAR. o_______@;;

    Wow. Just, wow. As per usual, I’m blown away, and a die-hard fan.
    Rock on, Gull’s Eye View!

  • Haha thats hilarious

  • I love that Max Action threatens with a knife. You are truly horrifying. However here is a tip. Go to the health center and ask if you can borrow a wheel chair for the day. It makes for a great dolly.

  • Also, the first shot is the best but I would have moved the mirror lower to open up the space a bit more compositionally.

  • Mantis


  • Awesome video. I loved the ending.

  • Vehemens

    Dylan, I didn’t even have sound and I was on my ass laughing. This is awesome.

  • Funkyman Sam

    Dude, you got hit by a car! Awesome!

    Party On,

  • Mandy

    I love how this starts out with Thomas talking to his mom, its hilarious. The ending is great too!

  • sui_generis

    I will never stop laughing from this video. This is freaking hilarious!

  • Buff

    Not gonna lie, I lol’d. A lot. 😛 Epic win.