First of all, I would just like to state this month is’s MOST VIEWED MONTH OF ALL TIME! Thank you so much everyone out there who checked out our new videos, read our old essays, thumbed through our galleries, and even read our random posts! Thanks to you, we’ll be adding new features, looks, and links to the site this month.

Now on to the news.

As stated at the end of August, I’ll be writing an article from now on at the end of each month that sums up what we’ve done over the last 30, 31 or 28 (I’m looking at YOU February) days, and also gives you, the readers, a vague approximation of what is to come in the next month!

September 4th was Sam Anderson’s Weenie Roast 2010, and many great times were enjoyed! Honoring the time honored tradition, we watched Curse of Bodangofish with a huge audience. Hopefully someday we’ll get that movie to show up on the internet!

Shortly following, we posted some pictures of the event, showing off an excellent gathering of friends and crew members, all together for the first time in years. I don’t think all of these guys had been in the same building at once since high school!

Next up, myself, Bob and Max Action attended the first ever Interventioncon in Rockville, Maryland. We had blast, met awesome contacts and artists, and even got to hang out with the creators and founders of the convention! Big plans might come from this, so hopefully the con comes back for a second year and we can once again take over the video room with the awesome STRIKE A POSE!!! Films we’ll be making this year!

We also made a splash over at with our newest video, the DMC Reboot Reaction. What has Capcom done to Dante? Well, I take a close look and examine the issues!

Speaking of public appearances for the most adrenaline fueled man on the net, MAX ACTION appeared at September’s N-Code night at Club Orpheus. He rocked the house, introduced some videos, pumped up the room, and made lots of new friends in the awesome Baltimore club! Max will soon be making a promise that the next N-Code will be even MORE ACTION PACKED!

We’ve also been doing more work with Space Monkey Mafia Studios, including posting new videos and having our own section in their video category!

Finally, I’ve recently made some contacts and been cast in a new internet television show, Eden Lost, created and directed by Phoenix Tremayne at The show, a fantasy-action series about the war between Vampires and Angels, will premiere Monday, October 4th on the internet. We’ll be sure to link you to it! I got to do some of the fight choreography for episode 2, and I posted the rehearsal footage for in the post.


We’re sure you all have seen some of the awesome updates to the site, right? Nope? YES YOU HAVE! Our first update is at the top of the page. The new banner that matches up with the awesome business cards we mentioned last month!

More aesthetic updates should be coming soon to the site, but we’ve also added new links on the sidebar so you can keep track of our new affiliates!

The Categories section has also been converted to a drop box, and we’ve also added a Comments section on the side bar, so you guys can see what other viewers are talking about around the site!

Speaking of which, have you guys checked out our Forums lately? We’re looking forward to hearing your opinions on the site, what you’d like to see from it, movies you’ve seen, movies you’re looking forward to, even movies you hate! We want to build a community of film makers, critics, and fans through Strike a Pose!!! Films.


We’ll have some promotional videos for next month’s N-Code, a couple of new Max Action videos, more updates on Eden Lost, some promotional material for the upcoming horror movie, The Graveyard, and hopefully some announcements for new original movies from us including The Roadtrip, which you can see a preview image of at the top of the page!