I just wanted to make a brief post with shout-outs to all the wonderful people whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2010 Intervention Convention in Rockville, MD! It was a great time, and I look forward to being as big a part as I possibly can next year!
Here’s my report:

I went to the convention for only one day, Saturday, not expecting anything too intense but hoping to have a good time. Well, it just so happened that for a virgin convention that came out of nowhere in a Rockville Hilton- I totally had a HELL OF A LOT of BOTH!

For starters, when I got there, I made sure to visit this awesome panel hosted by webcomic creators Dern, Drowemoss, Bill Holbrook and Rob Balder. The panel was called “Revenue Streams: How to Make Ten-Tenths of a Living” and it provided quite an inspirational and entertaining time! Who would have thought a panel dealing with making money on the internet could be so enjoyable?! Thankfully, I got to throw a Q out there at the end, and got lot’s of really great A’s from the panelists. Look forward to some form of merchandising or membership options from the website in maybe…well at some point dammit!

Next up I checked out the rest of the con just to see what was up. There was a lot to do at the newborn event, including a HUGE dealer room of comic books, toys, music, and lots and lots of art! I got to pick up contacts and merch from various people including Meg from Blackaswhite.com and the creators of retailgods.net .

But wait- what else possibly happened? Well around 3PM I noticed there was a projector room off to the side that wasn’t getting too much traffic- all the gaming and webcomic-ing seemed to be keeping people together in tight groups having a blast with each other! Who says the internet destroys social lives?! Clearly not at this con.

Well, as it was, I decided I needed to take action and asked if there was any potential chance for Strike a Pose!!! Films to hijack the video room. This guy, Terry I think, (let me know if you read this, dude!) said he’d have to as Someones of Higher Authorities. It just so happens he was gone one second, and back the next with two companions, you know, just every day, run of the mill…


The contagiously motivated co-creators of Onezumi.com and Intervention itself most gregariously greeted me and provided me with a 2-on-1 private conversation outside on the terrace of the Hilton, giving me lots of info on how Intervention got started and what they wanted to accomplish with it. Not only that, but they managed to educate even my thick head with a couple of really great pointers of the internet business world, such as how to use my twitter more effectively! I’ve never met such friendly people in such high and exciting places. So thanks for that, Onezumi and Harknell!

They also allotted me the time and chance to show off some of our very own     STRIKE A POSE!!! Films in the video panel, thus ensuring MAX ACTION could take over the projector for a solid hour and a half! It was a great experience and hopefully will continue next year if we play our cards right- yep: I’m going to campaign with the Intervention convention to run the video panel and hopefully bring in some outside talent to show off the power of Internet Video Entertainment groups just like us!

Before the video panel though, it was time for MAX ACTION to suit up, hand out cards, and meet some other exciting people. One of which was Master Anthony Stevens, who was shooting interviews of con-goers that day, and just so happened to be the first person to interview MAX ACTION from the other side of the coin! Hopefully that interview will hit the net shortly and we can see what crazy action packed insanity ensued!

As the video panel commenced we got some excited audience members shuffling in to check out our videos, such as Line of Sight, System Shock 2, Jasper Conroy, and of course the classic Man of Action. It was a really fun time, getting to show new faces our old vids!

Later in the evening it was time to unwind and get my morals doubled-down, with Cosplay Burlesque’s show on vibrantly awesome display. Portal, Robot Unicorn Attack, Dr. Horrible, and much much more were all on display from the crazy minds of Madison Bartholomew and her incredible cast and crew!

At the end of the night it was time to say goodbye, shake hands with all our great new friends, and get one last picture with a man who was floating around the con the entire time, with an eerie aesthetic similarity knocking deja vu against m cranium… Draw your own conclusions…

All in all, I’d have to say Intervention 2010 was a huge success, not just for us but for Onezumi, Harknell, and all those who put effort into it! I’m proud to report there’s a new Con in town, and STRIKE A POSE!!! Films is here to support it!