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Over the years, Strike a Pose!!! Films has worked with a ton of talented people.  As a group, some of our best memories feature Sam Anderson in wacky, and sometimes serious roles. So to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Strike a Pose! Films, Sam wrote up a little memoir for us to read about his experience on one of our most legendary movies, CURSE OF BODANGOFISH!

If there was ever one Strike A Pose!!! Films movie I was in that I will never forget, it had to be “Curse of the Bodangofish”. Dylan and I filmed this movie in Cape Hatteras after a body surfing incident left a scrape on my hip. What better inspiration to make a monster movie? Through a Ferry ride, a drive home, and at least 10 dug holes, we produced a movie that only a select few ever got to witness. My favorite part of the whole adventure was in the last 5 minutes of shooting when a scene had a frisbee being thrown, and in one of the takes it went a bit too high and hit me square in the lip. Did I mention that there was a cut-out piece of a plastic cup in my mouth at the time to create buck-teeth for my costume? And that there was ketchup in my mouth used for fake blood? There is no beter feeling than hearing the words “Cut!” and running into the ocean to clean out the sand, ketchup, and blood from your mouth. As our motto goes, “Good Times”. – Sam Anderson

In celebration, we will now post a never-before released full scene from CURSE OF BODANGOFISH, reformatted in HD and featuring some new tracks by the Funkyman himself! Enjoy, and hopefully, if the response is solid, we’ll have more scenes to show you before releasing the entire film on an order-only DVD!

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Be sure to keep up with our blog! There will be more Cast Retrospectives coming throughout the end of the year!

On November the 5th, 2011, STRIKE A POSE!!! Films celebrated it’s fifth anniversary as a website and creative institution.

 It’s been a somewhat slow year in terms of new content and videos for the site, but we assure you that will soon change. I personally make a State of the Pose address in the following video, co-oped by Joel and Denise Loukus of Apsis Motion Pictures– one of our potential future partners! Oh, and just so you all know, this video features a very, very special guest that I have never had the personal pleasure of meeting before. In person.

For the video and more news, click below!


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I just wanted to make a brief post with shout-outs to all the wonderful people whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2010 Intervention Convention in Rockville, MD! It was a great time, and I look forward to being as big a part as I possibly can next year!
Here’s my report:

I went to the convention for only one day, Saturday, not expecting anything too intense but hoping to have a good time. Well, it just so happened that for a virgin convention that came out of nowhere in a Rockville Hilton- I totally had a HELL OF A LOT of BOTH! Read the rest of this entry »

Tron: Legacy Trailer

I don’t know a lot about this upcoming movie, but I remember the original and its cool, ahead-of-its-time SFX, and some amazingly trippy ideas. Before video games got serious, Tron made them epic in a way that changed our perspectives on the digital world and created a mainstream example of the cyber-punk genre. Today, we are putting up a high quality trailer of its sequel, thanks to Neutralx2, our neighbor site for video game and PC related news and reviews. Here’s his opinions on it:

I posted the Tron Legacy Teaser a while back, but that was more of a visual effects test. Now we have an actual trailer to look at. I cannot wait to see this film. Hopefully it will go over better with audiences today then the first film did back in 1982. Also, I have to say that I like the direction Daft Punk is taking the music. It is a departure from the original’s music, but this movie looks darker and grittier, and the music reflects that well. ~Neutralx2

Here’s the vid, and boy oh boy look at how tight it is! Those effects are lightyears beyond the original, while still maintaining its original artwork. I am honestly very excited to see this in 3d, and haven’t wanted to see a 3D movie since Avatar.

Tron Legacy Trailer:

One blog I love to bring up quite often is written by John August, the guy who wrote Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Tim Burton one) and Charlie’s Angles. He’s done quite a few other interesting works, such as his directorial debut The Nines starring Ryan Reynolds, and was set to work on SHAZAM! when the company took the project, sadly, out from under his feat. On his website he offers wonderfully insightful and amusing anecdotes to writers, as well as some glimpses into the industry as a whole. It’s been a ton of help for me, and this article is no different. In fact, its REALLY DAMN helpful.

In a recent article, John wrote about why it is a good idea and why it is REQUIRED that young writers (or older ones) join up with the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA), the guys behind last year’s fiasco.

Here’s a snippet to tell you why:

Let’s say a studio reads a script it wants to buy. The writer isn’t a member of the WGA. If the writer weren’t required to join the union, the studio could save a lot of money and hassle.

* It could pay less than minimums.
* It wouldn’t have to pay into the health plan.
* It wouldn’t have to pay into the pension plan.
* It wouldn’t have to pay residuals.
* It could decide which name would be listed for “written by.”

Given these advantages, a studio would certainly prefer if the writer weren’t WGA, and could make purchase of the script contingent on the writer agreeing not to join the WGA.

I recommend you guys interested in writing read the whole thing. It’s certainly opened my eyes a bit. I think last years strike was a public disaster for the WGA, but they are useful, and since they’re mandatory, we better get what we can out of them.