Over the years, Strike a Pose!!! Films has worked with a ton of talented people.  As a group, some of our best memories feature Sam Anderson in wacky, and sometimes serious roles. So to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Strike a Pose! Films, Sam wrote up a little memoir for us to read about his experience on one of our most legendary movies, CURSE OF BODANGOFISH!

If there was ever one Strike A Pose!!! Films movie I was in that I will never forget, it had to be “Curse of the Bodangofish”. Dylan and I filmed this movie in Cape Hatteras after a body surfing incident left a scrape on my hip. What better inspiration to make a monster movie? Through a Ferry ride, a drive home, and at least 10 dug holes, we produced a movie that only a select few ever got to witness. My favorite part of the whole adventure was in the last 5 minutes of shooting when a scene had a frisbee being thrown, and in one of the takes it went a bit too high and hit me square in the lip. Did I mention that there was a cut-out piece of a plastic cup in my mouth at the time to create buck-teeth for my costume? And that there was ketchup in my mouth used for fake blood? There is no beter feeling than hearing the words “Cut!” and running into the ocean to clean out the sand, ketchup, and blood from your mouth. As our motto goes, “Good Times”. – Sam Anderson

In celebration, we will now post a never-before released full scene from CURSE OF BODANGOFISH, reformatted in HD and featuring some new tracks by the Funkyman himself! Enjoy, and hopefully, if the response is solid, we’ll have more scenes to show you before releasing the entire film on an order-only DVD!

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