On November the 5th, 2011, STRIKE A POSE!!! Films celebrated it’s fifth anniversary as a website and creative institution.

 It’s been a somewhat slow year in terms of new content and videos for the site, but we assure you that will soon change. I personally make a State of the Pose address in the following video, co-oped by Joel and Denise Loukus of Apsis Motion Pictures– one of our potential future partners! Oh, and just so you all know, this video features a very, very special guest that I have never had the personal pleasure of meeting before. In person.

For the video and more news, click below!


Special thanks to the APSIS crew! And an even BIGGER special thanks to all the fans of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. We have over 350 of you on the Facebook group, and a rising 60 or so on the page, so be sure to keep adding your friends to this band of merry crazy people!

As discussed in the video, we will soon be featuring:

  • Cast and Crew retrospectives
  • Never before seen videos!
  • HD-upconverted re-releases
  • A retouched episodic release of Curse of Bodangofish- the lost STRIKE A POSE!!! Classic
  • New HD shorts!
  • Updates on BITE THE HAND!

So be sure to give us a look, and show your friends! After all, we’s here at STRIKE A POSE!!! Films are just here to entertains ya!