Curse of Bodangofish

Now, we can’t promise that this one will be released on the internet yet. But the footage was good enough that once proper editing and music are thrown in, Sam Anderson and Dylan Hintz will show you a truly bizarre and unforgettable little ditty about two guys who go to the most evil place on the planet: The Outer Banks, North Carolina. There they will face a power far greater than any Lovecraftian mythos. They will face…THE CURSE OF BODANGOFISH. Running at nearly 40 minutes, this is STRIKE A POSE!!! Film’s longest, fullest feature, and the only one to be filmed outside of Maryland so far. A horror comedy of epic proportions, you can see clips of it in the STRIKE A POSE!!! Films Demo Reel.

Directed by Dylan Hintz. Written by Dylan Hintz and Sam Anderson. Starring Sam Anderson, Dylan Hintz, and various people from the Outer Banks. Minutes. 2006.