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Hi everyone out there! I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a serious update. I’m currently sitting in a panel hosted by Harknell of on WordPress 101, so I figured it’d be an appropriate time to make a post.

In the last few months I’ve been incredibly busy with acting, stunt training, a personal life, and catching up with freelance projects for various clients – Some of which I’ll be posting soon!

For now, I’m gonna pimp that I’m hosting a panel tonight for the DC STUNT Coalition, “The Art of Action” discussing fight choreography and stunt work for indie films and low budget web content.

Be sure to come by if you can! The panel is at 9PM in panel 2. Content from this will show up on the site later!

Yes, I am a complete geek for these guys.

I threw together a quick video with the segment from the 5/3/12 Titus Podcast “Dude, Where’s My Plastic Explosives?” primarily because, well, I got tired of searching the podcast for the segment for people who were asking me what was up!

So here you go, all 0:38 (actually more like 20…Tommy is actually shouting out Sherry from Colorado for the first 10 seconds…) seconds of my glory, as presented by the awesome Stuntman Tommy Primeau, by way of comedians Christopher Titus and “Bombshell Rae” Rachel Bradley.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Titus and Rachel at their Baltimore Comedy Factory stand up performance last weekend and, thanks to this podcast, I didn’t come off as a complete psycho stalker! In fact it was kinda the other way around when I realized Rachel knew who I was before I opened my mouth! Clearly her criminal justice degree paid off, as she had apparently built up a whole criminal background check thing on me, just to make sure Titus was safe upon my approach…

Titus and Rachel Bradley

“And if Dylan had just stopped talking right at that moment, that would have been a cool story…”

Yeah…totally taking this too far. Point is- THANK YOU Tommy, sir, you’re an awesome inspiration, and now that I know who you are I totally want to go back and watch all the Titus seasons again, just to see you get blown up in awesomely horrible ways! Thanks, sir!

Here’s Stuntman’s Reel, just in case anyone was wondering. Awesome guy!

A few weeks back I was contracted as a video mercenary for web development and technologies company 270net.

My point of contact, the one and only Ninjas Vs. star Daniel Lee Mascarello (who also stars in Bite the Hand), assigned me with the task of recording the 270net Employees in their assassination attempt upon the evil Office Printer.

After watching this video, honestly I don’t know who I feel more sorry for- the employees, or the printer!

270net print error fix destruction








This is the second video I’ve made with my new Canon T3i, the first being Constable Battleman, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

On one final note- I am now an official member of the 270net Staff! So if you want to see more videos like this, be sure to check out their Official 270net Facebook Page and make some hilarious office or IT/Tech video requests!

Remember the good ol’ days where you’d get your functioning dysfunctional family together to go down to the local Country Western bar to listen to your dad sing about shooting himself in the head? Yeah, me neither. Till now! Last week I teamed up with fellow film maker Habib Awan, a rising local DC industry talent, to produce a  performance video for another rising talent from Florida- my dad, David Hintz.

David Hintz- Honest Heart

Visiting up here in Maryland, David arranged to play at an open mic night at the Outta the Way Cafe in Derwood. He performed five songs, including two of his own original tracks, “Bullet in my Brain” and “Restless Winter Days”. He also did a couple of John Prine covers, similar to his last performance I posted about a few months ago. Click the link above to see the event for yourself! (Photos Courtesy of Habib Awan).

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This weekend I officially signed on to a new project with a great independent internet entertainment company, My Hot Zone TV.  After auditioning for the site’s creator, director, writer, producer, and all around entrepeneur extraordinaire Phoenix Tremayne, I will now be playing the part of Alec Wallachia- the Son of Dracula in the soon-to-be internet sensation, EDEN LOST. You can watch the first few “prototype” episodes here.

I was really excited to be auditioning for such a fun project, involving vampires, warrior angels, super human powers and magical energies. And of course…martial arts fight scenes! What I didn’t expect was to get cast and sent out back to “put a fight scene together” as briskly instructed by Mr. Tremayne within two hours of showing up! That’s right, thanks to my experience with STRIKE A POSE!!! Films , my martial arts practice at Self Mastery Systems, and my  stunt training at Six Flags, I was ready and able to help whip up a super fun fight scene!

Here’s (some of) the results with a quick peak at a fight choreography rehearsal as orchestrated by myself (Alec), Jasmine Guillermo (Sonique), and Corey Hollwood (Dracula).

This is just the rehearsal for the scene, the final product will feature an set location in Leakin Park in Baltimore, killer visual effects, the whole build up, more martial arts action, and an explosive finale you won’t want to miss!

Episode 1 of Eden Lost premieres next Monday, the 4th, on Phoenix Tremayne’s website. Be sure to check back here for more promotional videos and announcements!