This weekend I officially signed on to a new project with a great independent internet entertainment company, My Hot Zone TV.  After auditioning for the site’s creator, director, writer, producer, and all around entrepeneur extraordinaire Phoenix Tremayne, I will now be playing the part of Alec Wallachia- the Son of Dracula in the soon-to-be internet sensation, EDEN LOST. You can watch the first few “prototype” episodes here.

I was really excited to be auditioning for such a fun project, involving vampires, warrior angels, super human powers and magical energies. And of course…martial arts fight scenes! What I didn’t expect was to get cast and sent out back to “put a fight scene together” as briskly instructed by Mr. Tremayne within two hours of showing up! That’s right, thanks to my experience with STRIKE A POSE!!! Films , my martial arts practice at Self Mastery Systems, and my  stunt training at Six Flags, I was ready and able to help whip up a super fun fight scene!

Here’s (some of) the results with a quick peak at a fight choreography rehearsal as orchestrated by myself (Alec), Jasmine Guillermo (Sonique), and Corey Hollwood (Dracula).

This is just the rehearsal for the scene, the final product will feature an set location in Leakin Park in Baltimore, killer visual effects, the whole build up, more martial arts action, and an explosive finale you won’t want to miss!

Episode 1 of Eden Lost premieres next Monday, the 4th, on Phoenix Tremayne’s website. Be sure to check back here for more promotional videos and announcements!