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OK, I think technically the guitar was plugged in, but I’m not a musicologist, I just make the damned videos. Here’s another Strike a Pose Films! Musical Interlude

This week I’ll be treating the internet to my dad’s BEST live performance yet at the Outta the Way Cafe in Derwood, MD. So Happy Father’s Day Dad!

The first track is David’s cover of “One Meatball”– a classic great depression-themed song.

Up second is David’s original composition, ” Dumbest Thing” – a dark and comical personal piece about relationships. I think we’ve all been there!

Finally, David covers “Bob Dylan’s Dream” by…Bob Dylan! It’s a great moody and emotional piece, and David nails it.

David Hintz Musician End it NowBe sure to check out my dad’s Facebook Page for “David Hintz Musician” if you haven’t- LIKE it and SHARE it, and let us know what you think about the songs!

David’s Album “Honest Heart” should be coming out soon! Check the page for updates.

Remember the good ol’ days where you’d get your functioning dysfunctional family together to go down to the local Country Western bar to listen to your dad sing about shooting himself in the head? Yeah, me neither. Till now! Last week I teamed up with fellow film maker Habib Awan, a rising local DC industry talent, to produce a  performance video for another rising talent from Florida- my dad, David Hintz.

David Hintz- Honest Heart

Visiting up here in Maryland, David arranged to play at an open mic night at the Outta the Way Cafe in Derwood. He performed five songs, including two of his own original tracks, “Bullet in my Brain” and “Restless Winter Days”. He also did a couple of John Prine covers, similar to his last performance I posted about a few months ago. Click the link above to see the event for yourself! (Photos Courtesy of Habib Awan).

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Guess I fell off the horse, seeing as how it’s been almost a month since our last post.

So I’ll make up for it with a brief musical interlude (NOW A NEW CATEGORY!) before we get to big business later next week.

Sometime last month (I can’t keep track of time anymore), I went to see a band called No Compromise perform at the Austin Grill in Downtown Silver Spring. I had heard of the band, having been in town to witness the filming of their new music video, Sugarcoated, but hadn’t really seen them play. So I figured when I went to see them I’d catch some of their rocking on video. I was pleasantly impressed with the results! No Co, as they like to call themselves, truly rock, even when going completely unplugged, as we get to see them in this recording of one of their newest tracks, “The Longest Drive” off their new album, Kaleidoscope.

No Compromise will be playing again tomorrow night (FRIDAY THE 10th) at  The Austin Grill in DTSS!

Thanks to Jack for permission to post the video of their music.

Note: While this isn’t a true music video, I edited it in a similar fashion to some of my old Mania Box videos that I did back in 200…7? Be sure to check those out for more crazy color/cut-in editing and me beating people to death while wearing a leather jacket and shoulder length hair in Florida! Gotta love the Sony Vegas built-in effects packages.

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The last couple of days haven’t had a lot of posts, so I figured I’d give you all a little musical number to chew on while I work on some stuff. My Dad, David Hintz, has recently started a singing career at local coffee shops in Lehigh Acres, Florida and, well, I’m pretty proud of dear ol’ Da. I figured I had made a post dedicated to my Mom a while back, so why not one for him?

So, without further ado, I present by way of YouTube, The Step Bros (I think that’s their group?) and their cover of Paradise by John Prine.

Dad, makes me pretty pissed at myself that I never let you teach me how to play the guitar properly! Then again, I was a lefty, and thus not destined to do so!

Enjoy this vid as a supplement for now– I’ve been pretty busy with acting jobs lately, both The Graveyard and Eden Lost, but I’ve also been getting a lot of footage with Max involving raving and zombies. Behind the scenes footage of other projects is also in the works for those interested.

In the meantime, be sure to comment on my dad’s awesome singing ability- I hear he’s got a career in the works, which is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of my own in the entertainment industry! Late bloomer? I’d say so.