MICROWAVE MAN is a song about modern day male culture- that is that we shove everything into a microwave, press a couple buttons, and let machines and emptiness take control of our lives…or something. Taylor Hintz wrote this song with his band, MANIA BOX. The video is simply pan and scans since there was only one available angle to film it from, seeing as how the camera also acted as a microphone to record the live performance. 4 Minutes.

I COULD HAVE LIED is Mania Box’s cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic song. This is a step up from the previous video, adding color glow effects to instill more attitude and emotion into the video. 4 Minutes.

FALLING is a full music video, complete with non-live footage and tells the story of THE DEATH OF MANIA BOX. So it goes. 3 minutes 20 seconds.

All Directed by Dylan Hintz. Starring Taylor Hintz on Bass, TJ Notarian on Drums, Joe Hall on Guitar. 2007.