Guess I fell off the horse, seeing as how it’s been almost a month since our last post.

So I’ll make up for it with a brief musical interlude (NOW A NEW CATEGORY!) before we get to big business later next week.

Sometime last month (I can’t keep track of time anymore), I went to see a band called No Compromise perform at the Austin Grill in Downtown Silver Spring. I had heard of the band, having been in town to witness the filming of their new music video, Sugarcoated, but hadn’t really seen them play. So I figured when I went to see them I’d catch some of their rocking on video. I was pleasantly impressed with the results! No Co, as they like to call themselves, truly rock, even when going completely unplugged, as we get to see them in this recording of one of their newest tracks, “The Longest Drive” off their new album, Kaleidoscope.

No Compromise will be playing again tomorrow night (FRIDAY THE 10th) at  The Austin Grill in DTSS!

Thanks to Jack for permission to post the video of their music.

Note: While this isn’t a true music video, I edited it in a similar fashion to some of my old Mania Box videos that I did back in 200…7? Be sure to check those out for more crazy color/cut-in editing and me beating people to death while wearing a leather jacket and shoulder length hair in Florida! Gotta love the Sony Vegas built-in effects packages.

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