So the other day at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom released it’s trailer for the newest Devil May Cry game. The franchise has long inspired my film making and style, and even inspired me to make one of my most well received videos!

However, when I excitedly went to see the trailer on, waiting for the player to load with joyful glee such the likes as a kid on Christmas eve, I saw some things I never expected.

So everyone out there on the internet, what do you think of the changes made to our boy, Dante, in the new DMC?

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  • anonymous

    Hell no am I hooraying this new game they destroyed DANTE! Dante is not some angsty emo kid who thinks he’s a punk rocker who dresses like some psuedo goth. Dante was always a cocky badass with wisecracker snappy comeback jokes, he was also a crazy guy when facing a demon… Once again, THIS IS NOT DANTE!!! This game is Ninja Theory which means some DMC poser rip-off game made by some game cash hugging Yuppie. Beyond that they are trying to kill DMC ‘note that it is not the same developers, just the same publisher CAPCOM’. Kind of life what happened to the FEAR franchise, after the first game the original team broke up and had issues over the liscence and story! Booya, FEAR’s original atmosphere and feel was killed in a heart beat.