Dante’s Had Enough

The second AMV by Dylan Hintz, featuring video clips from Devil May Cry 1 and 3, to the song “Had Enough” by Breaking Benjamin. Supposedly, Dylan believes their album, Phobia, was made while the band members were playing massive amounts of Devil May Cry 3, because every song in it syncs up better than the “Darkside of the Moon-Wizard of Oz” experiment. A practice project in using various editing effects such as framing, cropping, and lighting, hopefully the first step towards better visual effects through post production.

Edited by Dylan Hintz. 7 Minutes. 2007.
Devil May Cry and all its properties are copyright of Capcom, used as a fan video not for profit.
“Had Enough” from the album “Phobia” is copyright of Breaking Benjamin and is used not for profit.