Sam Anderson, our frontman and lead actor, has completed his first directorial debut at James Madison University under his education major. The end result is Codebreakers– an intelligent and hilarious romp through the world of cipher cracking and mathematical espionage.

The film stars Sam and his friend Josh, and includes a brief montage of nostalgic and awesome music.

I really enjoy Sam’s work here- its clever, its funny, with a lot of heart behind it. Sam is going to be an amazing teacher if he keeps up with the edutainment! While the pacing is a bit rough and the quality isn’t HD or anything, it is a solid first effort and shows just how much he’s learned working with me, Bob, Damien, Rob, and all the other guys at STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. We’re proud to feature his work on this site! Good Times Dude!

Congratulations: BISCUITS!