Otakon 2008 Notice

I’ll be attending this year’s Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland. Thankfully, the jerks at my place of business felt it better to let me go early this summer, so I can go all 4 days!

I’ll be there filming some new stuff for the website and getting together with friends and parading around as both Max Action from our films and Johnny from Guilty Gear X2– A game I one day pledge to make into a feature film.

It’s been a long road to this thing and I’ll put up pictures and video later, but hey, until then meet up with me if you can find me! You’ll get a spot on the website and a ton of kudos if you’re in costume!

Here’s a video from a long, long time ago (one of my first, actually) of some of the craziest exploits I could film from the convention, click here to comment.

It’s a nerdy thing, it really is. But it’s too much fun to pass up.

See you all around the bend.