Back last semester I was in a class called Magazine Video production, wherein I would have to make a video skit every couple of weeks. You guys have already seen Man of Action, Taming the Wild Mare, and Gull-Man, I’m sure. Well, the other half of that class was some serious documentary-making exercises. The first two of which you saw were the Future Film Makers Spotlight and the GUC Spotlight. These sorta films demonstrate the other half of the biz that I can honestly say I’ve put just as much effort into as the narrative side.

As weird as the class was, because of all the hard-drilled schedules, quality demands and competitive environment, I really got a LOT out of it. So now I bring to you the culmination of both fields- the DocuDrama. It’s a real category folks, its on Comcast.

This documentary was “written” by Scott Evans and Dylan Hintz. I’m the narrator and Scott and I both did the interview sequences. Big freaking hand goes to Scott on the editing. He was really the back bone behind this thing. I was just the pretty face. I’m really proud of this video though, it netted us both some of the only A’s in the class.