My camera has served me so well in the year or so that I have had it. Using this wonderful piece of technology, I have shot Clarity, Line of Sight, A Growing Problem, some segments of Gull Man, Man of Action, and about a bazillion other little things from the narrative perspective. But do you know what else a Panasonic PVGS500 is good for? Filming random events like Talent Shows, Karaoke, and Guilty Gear Tournaments!

My younger brother’s first time on stage performing a song he wrote. Kid’s got some real charisma too!

My turn to start yelling angry lyrics in bars. I think I scared some of the people in the foreground of this footage. Shot expertly by my wonderful girlfriend, Jenny.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Tournament at Otakon 2008
Let the Games Begin! as my friends James, Phil, Amber and I took off the gloves and put our best moves out to show for the most exciting matches of our lives.

I miss my Canon Elura 90 dearly, but when it comes down to it, this is one of the clearest-shooting cameras I’ve ever used, with great video and audio quality and a heck of a range in terms of versatility. Just wait till you guys see Clarity and Line of Sight. The true power of this little guy will be seen!