Damien McCoy

Today is a special day- it celebrates the day of birth of one of the acting GODS of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Well, more like acting Ghost. DJ GH057 that is. As per the trend these days, as a birthday present, we’re announcing Damien’s own Cast and Crew Page, but also a special event: below we will be premiering a long overdue short video. For now, let’s celebrate G4057’s career, VH1 style!

Damien McCoy has been acting with us for quite a while, but has since also been embarking on his own awesome career as a DJ at Club Orpheus. He has provided Max Action with a venue through some great connections and has even created a theme song for the guy.

What he is most known for in these parts, however, is his amazing role as the Brush Mechanic in CAR TROUBLE. If you think of Damien, and you think of movies, you can’t help but think of this convincingly wackey role where he never breaks character, not for a second, even though it’s out of this world!

What he might not be known for is portrayal of The Agent Blind from the sci-fi-fantasy series, The Atavist Splinter Chronicles— a project we worked on when we first met and shall hopefully complete (with a BIG BUDGET) some day in the near future. There are plans in the works, but for now, I present to you all a brief look into that world, with a video that Damien and I made waaaaay back in 2006. It portrays a time and place where we didn’t know what we were doing yet, but we were so inspired that we just had to go out and shoot whatever we could think of!

We went out into the neighborhood one night, filming for the sake of it, experimenting with light and shadows, to see how his character’s costume would come across in night lighting. We also wanted to test out the audio on my first camera. It was a fun time, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s a found memory, nonetheless.

Later in his career with us, Damien provided some really useful PA support for Line of Sight, and then went on to portray his most dramatic character ever- the Boy in the suspense thriller, Clarity. Working alongside good buddy, Sam Anderson, Damien stretched his chops and got very emotional in front of the camera, as can be seen here:

Damien even provided some music (GHOST LAB MEDIA) by playing a casio keyboard for us into a computer microphone. Since then, he has provided us with an amount of awesome music possibly even exceeding the number of times he’s acted for us. For that, Damien is to be commended on two fronts- as an awesome guy in front of the camera, and a talent to be reckoned with from inside the recording booth! He has provided tracks for The Intersection, Clarity, and much much more!

Thanks, Damien, for all your hard work in the years past, we hope to kick ass with you in the years to come!