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Over the years, Strike a Pose!!! Films has worked with a ton of talented people.  As a group, some of our best memories feature Sam Anderson in wacky, and sometimes serious roles. So to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Strike a Pose! Films, Sam wrote up a little memoir for us to read about his experience on one of our most legendary movies, CURSE OF BODANGOFISH!

If there was ever one Strike A Pose!!! Films movie I was in that I will never forget, it had to be “Curse of the Bodangofish”. Dylan and I filmed this movie in Cape Hatteras after a body surfing incident left a scrape on my hip. What better inspiration to make a monster movie? Through a Ferry ride, a drive home, and at least 10 dug holes, we produced a movie that only a select few ever got to witness. My favorite part of the whole adventure was in the last 5 minutes of shooting when a scene had a frisbee being thrown, and in one of the takes it went a bit too high and hit me square in the lip. Did I mention that there was a cut-out piece of a plastic cup in my mouth at the time to create buck-teeth for my costume? And that there was ketchup in my mouth used for fake blood? There is no beter feeling than hearing the words “Cut!” and running into the ocean to clean out the sand, ketchup, and blood from your mouth. As our motto goes, “Good Times”. – Sam Anderson

In celebration, we will now post a never-before released full scene from CURSE OF BODANGOFISH, reformatted in HD and featuring some new tracks by the Funkyman himself! Enjoy, and hopefully, if the response is solid, we’ll have more scenes to show you before releasing the entire film on an order-only DVD!

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Be sure to keep up with our blog! There will be more Cast Retrospectives coming throughout the end of the year!

A few weeks ago I was called up by my friend in the Eastern Shore news industry, Kiya Amajioyi, and asked if I’d like to come onto his show for an interview. Of course my immediate response was a cross between “Heck yes I’ll do it!” and “Wait a minute, why me?” Well, Kiya was asking me to participate in his interview segment entitled “FUTURE SUCCESSORS”. I unfortunately couldn’t make it into the studio due to a little storm we had earlier this month…but I participated via Skype and had a fun time doing some telecommunication interview!

Kiya’s show, shown locally on Salisbury’s very own PAC 14, aim’s to inform, hopefully “Changing the world one television show at a time”, as is their mission statement! Anyways, here’s the video, with my own segment taking place around 5:45. Be sure to check out the other two guys book-ending the segment as well.


I hope somehow talking about the hard work put into my film and acting career, a story moderated quite efficiently by Kiya, will help others in their life paths.

Mostly, I’m hoping people see my crazy face on TV talking about movies and acting, turn off the video, and say to themselves:

“Man…that dude was crazy. I think I’m gonna be a doctor. Or a nuclear physicist.”

All-in-all though, this counts as our first “press interview” for Bite the Hand, and features some in-game footage of me fighting Tyr Rollins in THE BRIDGE.

Thank you so much for this opportunity Kiya! I was glad to be aboard and hope to come back to your show later when I am truly a rich and powerful Future Successor!

Our good friend Max Action has been on some crazy adventures before…but never as crazy as this. Strike a Pose!!! Films, in cahoots with Apsis Motion Pictures would like to present a new action-comedy web series starring Tyr Rollins. We present to you: THE BRIDGE

A lone warrior deals with an onslaught of menial obstructions on his mysterious and epic quest. The series is currently already up to episode 4, so be sure to share it with friends and spread the action!

Episode 3:Max was brought in as a guardian to police The Bridge, ensuring no one breaks it’s one rule: Once you’re on the Bridge, you aren’t allowed to leave until you can kick somebodies ass!

Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and find series creator Joel Loukus on Vimeo.  More episodes of The Bridge will be coming soon to an internet near you!

I feel like I should make an announcement as to the reason there have been so few updates as of lately. So I’m gonna make a quick post listing some of the videos and movies I’ve recently been in. This’ll just be a quick list with some promo photos and links, but I’ll post a more in-depth post as each thing is released.

A feature-length science feature film by entrepenuer, musician, inventor, and most importantly, writer Cliff Paris. Based on his own self-published novel of the same name. I play the character Forsythe, who has been praised critically as a remarkably entertaining character from the novel. I hope I’ve brought some credibility to the role!

Get a copy of the book now at Amazon!


J. Edgar
I was recently invited to be an extra on Clint Eastwood’s latest project “J. Edgar” and even got to meet the Man With No-Name himself. Got to get a signed dvd cover of Gran Torino for my mom as well! It was a fantastic experience being in period piece costume, seeing Leonardo DiCaprio act. But most importantly: getting a chance to see this aging legend in action behind the camera. The dude is 81 and I’m pretty sure he could still kick my ass.

Here’s the full story link on my youtube, webcam style for anyone wanting to hear about the experience! Part 1 and Part 2.


The Adventures of Louanna Lee (Episode 4)
I have been playing the supporting role of Norville Winterbottom in Lee Doll’s TV series “The Adventures of Louanna Lee” for a couple of days now and it has been pretty fantastic. Definitely enjoying this chance to play something more over the top and comedic in this family friendly kids-teens show!

You can find the trailer for the upcoming episode here!


The Demise of Charlie Hampstead
Premiering tonight at Towson University, this dramatic revenge thriller is creepy, perverse and downright unpleasant. I enjoyed every minute of filming the scenes with the rest of the cast including Nick Hanson and Dominique Spencer. I also choreographed and supervised the stunt sequence which ends in my death and a whole lot of mayhem. Directed by rising film maker Christian Pack.


Just been busy making this movie! It’s coming out great. Here’s a promo picture of me taken by William S. Ralph– our amazing on set photographer. The Teaser was shot just two nights ago and it’s going to come out fabulously! We look forward to showing you!

For more about Bite the Hand, visit the website! A teaser is coming soon!

Or find it on Facebook!

Coming soon from Rockstar Films is the martial arts action adventure “LEGACY OF DOG”, starring Ryan Brown, David Van Tassel, Nick McCourt and yours truly as Osiris Munich- uber-villain gangster guy!


The teaser has already been released, but to help promote the movie I’m gonna put up the FULL LENGTH TRAILER so you can see us all in action! Get ready- the chaos is coming, MAY 5th up at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.