Sam is scared because he thinks L.O.S will never come out!

Due to upcoming scheduling conflicts, the premiere for the next film on our release schedule, Line of Sight, will be pushed back by one week. This will allow for more time to finish the upcoming trailer and advertise, so that the hard work put forth by the actors can be appropriately announced.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Strike a Pose!!! Films has been incredibly busy training new members and conducting a huge documentary project. In the meantime, if you would still like to check out some Line of Sight goodness, please view its pictures in the gallery or talk about it in the discussion forums.

Tron: Legacy Trailer

I don’t know a lot about this upcoming movie, but I remember the original and its cool, ahead-of-its-time SFX, and some amazingly trippy ideas. Before video games got serious, Tron made them epic in a way that changed our perspectives on the digital world and created a mainstream example of the cyber-punk genre. Today, we are putting up a high quality trailer of its sequel, thanks to Neutralx2, our neighbor site for video game and PC related news and reviews. Here’s his opinions on it:

I posted the Tron Legacy Teaser a while back, but that was more of a visual effects test. Now we have an actual trailer to look at. I cannot wait to see this film. Hopefully it will go over better with audiences today then the first film did back in 1982. Also, I have to say that I like the direction Daft Punk is taking the music. It is a departure from the original’s music, but this movie looks darker and grittier, and the music reflects that well. ~Neutralx2

Here’s the vid, and boy oh boy look at how tight it is! Those effects are lightyears beyond the original, while still maintaining its original artwork. I am honestly very excited to see this in 3d, and haven’t wanted to see a 3D movie since Avatar.

Tron Legacy Trailer:

The Funny Oscar Vids

Rather than rant and rave about my feelings on the Oscars (if you’re my friend on Facebook you can look up my statuses) I’ll just post some of the funnier moments I saw, you know the actual entertainment portions…the funny clips.

And I don’t mean Barbara Streissand’s obnoxious introduction the Kathyrn Bigelow’s victory. While it was decently deserved, we didn’t need a precursor announcement, Barb.

Anyways, here we go.

Best Crack at Avatar Ever:

Be sure to look at James Cameron’s face. I think he’s coming to realize that makeup might have been a better choice than CG…or not.

Paranormal Activity doesn’t even describe the goings-ons between these two.

This is what happens when indy horror movies are taken over by big budget stars– they just can’t take the material seriously.

This won’t top last years, but just in case anyone wanted to see it, here’s the intro.

But I still prefer this:

Better quality here:

In the end, this year’s Oscars was only so so, but hell, I’d pay money to see Ben Stiller as a Na’Vi in the sequel. Get in touch with your agent, dude. Cameron- get in touch with your casting director.

Review: Le Samourai

So I recently watched Melville’s “masterpiece” LE SAMOURAI, a film about a hit-man in France that is either “betrayed” or caught or something while performing a hit. His plans go askew, and he has to avoid the cops for a while, not only reconfiguring his alibis but also snaking his way out of a suspect line up by doing seemingly nothing. He eventually is pursued through the city streets by the police, also while dealing with his untrustworthy employers and a couple of lovely dames. Although, as an unusual turn for the crime drama with the noir-ish anti-hero, he never calls them “dames”, let alone anything I can remember.


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Dear Fans of Strike a Pose!!! Films,

I have an announcement to make. Well it’s really an announcement about an announcement, but regardless it is HUGE.

Thanks to the loyal viewership of this site, Clarity has received more views than almost any film on this site, and in record time! Because of this incredible progress it is with great pleasure and admiration to you, the fans, that I announce we will begin a 6 month long release schedule of new film content starting in March and lasting EVERY MONTH until we run out of old work and have to start making new stuff!

Rob seems pretty thrilled with the release of Line of Sight!

This will include the Summer of 07 Sister Project to Clarity, LINE OF SIGHT, two tales from Max Action’s living room: The Worst Stories Ever Told, and even one very large and magical production I’m sure none of you ever expected to see on the net. We’ll keep that one quiet for now, but expect to see new teasers and trailers in the next two months!

Sam REALLY wants to see Line of Sight on the site! OR ELSE

The release schedule will be finalized hopefully in just a couple of weeks, but I can tell you this little nugget for now: Line of Sight WILL premiere over the week of MARCH 21st 2010, to celebrate Spring, new beginnings, and co-star Robert Ramirez’s personal achievements at his martial arts school, Self Mastery Systems! A further update on the Line of Sight release, including trailer and Behind the Scenes teasers, will come out next week! Be sure to check it out!

Bob is truly surprised that we are finally releasing Line of Sight!

Also to note- there is possibly a string of updates involving the martial arts documentary I’ve been working on finally coming to fruition, with Project 100 Days going into action very soon. Visit the martial arts link I posted above to find out more.

Alright folks, that’s step one of the big news!

Thank you for your ongoing support of myself, these great performers, and amateur film making in the Montgomery County Area! Stay tuned for bigger news and always remember to STRIKE A POSE!!!

Sincerely, Your Humble Entertainer

Dylan Hintz