The Funny Oscar Vids

Rather than rant and rave about my feelings on the Oscars (if you’re my friend on Facebook you can look up my statuses) I’ll just post some of the funnier moments I saw, you know the actual entertainment portions…the funny clips.

And I don’t mean Barbara Streissand’s obnoxious introduction the Kathyrn Bigelow’s victory. While it was decently deserved, we didn’t need a precursor announcement, Barb.

Anyways, here we go.

Best Crack at Avatar Ever:

Be sure to look at James Cameron’s face. I think he’s coming to realize that makeup might have been a better choice than CG…or not.

Paranormal Activity doesn’t even describe the goings-ons between these two.

This is what happens when indy horror movies are taken over by big budget stars– they just can’t take the material seriously.

This won’t top last years, but just in case anyone wanted to see it, here’s the intro.

But I still prefer this:

Better quality here:

In the end, this year’s Oscars was only so so, but hell, I’d pay money to see Ben Stiller as a Na’Vi in the sequel. Get in touch with your agent, dude. Cameron- get in touch with your casting director.