Coming Attractions of Horror

Hi, Dylan again. I’m not a huge horror buff, but I know my fair share and not just the little tips of info they dished out to 90’s slasher fans in the first two Scream movies.

What I am a fan of is either unoriginal concepts with original execution, or new concepts that well…have a fairly awesome execution.

There are two horror-based sequels coming out that I’m going to link my readers to.

The first is The Hills Have Eyes 2

Now, having only seen this and Hostel in theaters over the last two years in terms of horror (I think the only one before that was Saw and does Sin City count?) the original Hills was definitely the better of the two. Better visual scope, better score, and a really tense and human atmosphere that went from panic to survival. This movie seems to have a reverse theme which will probably remind movie goers of the film Aliens (one of my favorites) and considering its being directed competently, it’ll probably be one of the better military horror-thrillers since.

The second film is 28 Weeks Later.

This is probably the best “zombie” action concept in years since Romero’s Day of the Dead sorta tanked in terms of quality and critique. However, we were offered a chance at “extreme bio-outbreak thriller” with the Resident Evil films. What we got was a Japanese game that played at the strength of American Conspiracy thrillers turned into a freaking cartoon with a good Nemesis. A freaking waste. The “28” series is probably the closest thing we’ll ever have to a truly good Resident Evil styled movie. At least it knows how to truly follow in the “Biohazard” roots.

I guess I’ll let you guys see one more trailer, but I warn you this one could be SCARY! /sarcasm.

Hostel II

This film looks like complete garbage and there’s only one actual shot from the movie in it that lasts about half of a second. The voice over sounds stupid, the shot of a bunch of killing tools on a wall looks stupid (if there was one thing about the original that was enjoyable it was probably the simplicity of some of the murderers despite their sadistic tendancies) and my favorite part is the tagline:
“Americans…they have no imagination.” Thanks for proving yourself righ Eli Roth!

A slick horror concept gone to WASTE is what the Hostel franchise is all about. Roth should have came up with the idea, sold it to Takashii Miike, and I would have been perfectly happy with seeing subtitles of “AHHHHH THIS FREAKING HURTS” over an hour of porn and a collective 10 minutes of “torture” (for the characters or the audience who realized they spent 10 bucks on this garbage? The world may never know).

Style- that is the essence of a horror movie. If you don’t have it, go direct chick flicks.

Striking the First Pose!!!

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Today I leave you with this strip from David Lynch, thank’s to Wikipedia (DON’T SUE!