Home Again!

Well the crew’s finally going to get a chance to get together, maybe this Sunday, who knows?

In other news, I found a link to a podcast featuring David Lynch, director of Dune, Eraserhead, Mulholland DR., and creator of the T.V. series, Twin Peaks.

Also- if you’ve played Silent Hill or seen any psychological film in your life, it owes credit to Mr. Lynch.

Here’s the link thanks to Salon.com

More films and cast pages to come up this season!

Heading Home

STRIKE A POSE!!! Film Productions will be changing its location for now, moving away from Salisbury for the next six weeks back to Montgomery County for some more filming!

Hopefully a lot of editing will get done- CURSE OF BODANGOFISH needs tweaking, THE CLASH OF STUFF (a tenative title for the improv show we did at the end of the Fall 06 semester), and hopefully some music videos will get done.

So what’s on the slate for Winter 06-07 season? Well:

BLIND-SIDED could get a couple of scenes filmed, you never know.
A special ending for CURSE OF BODANGOFISH
Hopefully some sort of HORROR MOVIE
A couple of fight scenes to maybe re-do TURF WAR if people aren’t inebreated…

Perhaps another demo chapter of THE PEREGRINE SAGA?

Sam Anderson, the “Bruce Campbell” of STRIKE A POSE!!! Productions had a great idea of making THE SWING KING (tenative title), a kungfu/swing dancing hybrid flick. He also has plans to work on a DOCTOR DUCTTAPE MOVIE or series of shorts. Watch out for those!

Throw in a couple of shootouts, and we might have one of the best seasons yet!



Well I still couldn’t come up with a title for it, but over here at SU the STRIKE A POSE!!! Film Club worked on about 50% of the Improv Character storyline that we came up with over the last few days.

It went pretty well too, with plenty of great shots, some good humor, and a decent amount of footage for the editors (Myself and Matt “Jack” Horst) to go through.

So congrats guys! You’re getting stuff DONE!

We now have a forums section for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films.

Info on old movies, new movies, cast, crew, and future plans are on the way! Register to post!

STRIKE A POSE!!! Forums!

We’ll be having tech info, links, and information for Club members at Salisbury University!

Also- CRITICS CORNER, where you can review, preview, and debate the merits of todays films, along with all the classics.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!


I’m working with Neutralx2 (www.neutralx2.com) to create some forums for our readers so they can have a better say in whats going on!

Check back soon for the link!