Over in Salisbury we’ve been working on a new series with a new character called Jasper Conroy: Salisbury Bounty Hunter. Story’s about a man named Jasper, who lives in an old house and does nothing but sleep, drink, watch TV and bounty hunt when he’s called upon by the local mob bosses and police forces.

Jasper uses extreme measures to get the job done, but rarely speaks a word. He’s just your typical hard drinkin, soft spoken, bad ass crazy dude with too much time on his hands and a kitchen table littered with guns.

The movie will be episodic, with the first introduction episode being released later this week. Look out for it, its going to be great! Starring Thomas England, Dylan Hintz, John Dougherty, and Phil Krocheski.

Set Report: An Old Hope

I’m checking in from the Tisch School of Art at NYU in NYC and boy am I having a good time!

Dan Gvozden’s film, An Old Hope is coming along magically. I’ve been here three days now and have learned an exponential amount about film making since. Being on set is the only REAL way to learn film making! Almost all of the crew has been made up of a crack team of elite professionals, battled hardened from years of set work! Luckily, I’ve gotten plenty of footage behind the scenes of set design, lighting, actors, and of course Dan’s direction.

I’ve met a lot of people and seen a lot of things. This city is amazing, and the people here are all very vibrant and alive. They aren’t kidding when they say the city never sleeps- people are always on the move, and I’ve been up at all times of day and night. The college campus where we are filming is incredibly beautiful and the office we’re using has provided an amazing set for some of Dan’s best scenes, with the fantastical art design adding to the larger-than-life feel of the small-budget movie.

Filming is coming along hilariously! Brimming with a quirky sense of humor, the root of which are the magnetic performances by Hugh Scully (Lucas Ford) and Steven Gleason (Jerry Bond, Jr.), An Old Hope is really starting to show its potential as a film-festival contender. With all the elements coming together, the fanboy fueld spirit of Dan Gvozden is starting to really translate well into a sophisticated short of deft camera movements and Classic Hollywood-styled vibrance.

I’m really glad I dragged myself out here, because this shoot is probably going to have a big impact on my life, career, and the future of Strike a Pose!!! Films. I’ll be bringing a lot of video footage back home to get the Behind the Scenes film made exclusively for this website and the DvD that’ll be coming out hopefully next year.

I’ll be back in Maryland later tonight, but for now, I’m gonna log off and get back to enjoying NYC!

New York Trip

Tomorrow I, Dylan Hintz, will be going on an epic journey to that metropolis known as New York City to help my friend Dan Gvozden, a fellow student film maker, on the set of his newest project, An Old Hope.

I will be driving back to Montgomery County, riding to the metro station down to DC, taking a bus to Chinatown NY, and then walking the rest of the way to NYU all at four in the morning.

I honestly can’t wait. I will get footage and pictures.

Dan’s very gracious in giving me a role as PA (production assistant) for this film, even going against his producer’s advisement to add another person. Must mean I’m doing something right! And its all thanks to the people who check out my website every day, or even every month. Even if you’ve just looked at it once, it’s all cause of you that I’ve made it this far.

So I’m asking the people that enjoy my site to check out Dan’s website, dan-gvozden.com and watch his movies, and then go to the official movie website for

An old hope

Here’s a brief synopsis of the plot:

A promising young writer, Lucas Ford, decides that while he is successful he wants to get more out of his writing than just a paycheck. So one day he makes a public announcement that he will be disappearing until he is finished writing what he feels is the ultimate entertainment experience. After 30 years Lucas returns to find out that the script he has written, “The Star Wars,” was already made and has become the most popular film of all time.

It sounds like its going to be pretty great! So everyone head over to his site and offer your support! I’ll be sure to bring back footage from the set if I make it back in one piece!

This is a new video of the Future Film Maker’s Club, talking about who we are and what we do. It’s not a traditional movie, but it got Scott (The Hitman and Sgt Steve Johnson from various Future Film Makers movies) an A for our second episode of Gull’s Eye View, the student run TV show at Salisbury University.

In it, I interview Matt Horst, Dr. Michael Moeder, and Thomas England. If you’re interested in learning more about the club, all of that info in the video is up to date, and you can also email me at:


You can see the video here on it’s own specific film page to comment, or comment below the video!

Here it is:

Into the Wild

This isn’t really going to be a review, simply a reflection.

Tonight I watched a movie that I had been cautiously avoiding for the last few months. The story of Chris McCandles has been far from mind for three years since I read it in my senior year of high school. Sitting in a factory line desk, taking notes from a materialistic, sports-enthused history teacher, and trying hard to ignore the hypocrisy and mindlessness of recent American history, this book was the only thing I came close to enjoying in that class. Alex Supertramp, as Mccandles wanted to be known during his journey, was a half-genius, half crazy privileged white American male who gave up his hard earned savings, college degree, and chances for a rational future in 1990 to go live on the land of modern America.

For this, he learned much, met many, influenced a handful, and died alone in the very wilderness he so loved.

I sit here, typing on a computer- my main occupation consisting primarily of machines, electronics, and permits- knowing full well my life could have easily become that. I had tried to leave home many times in my high school years. Sometimes driving, sometimes walking, sometimes running. I never made it much further than a few miles. I once walked maybe four or five down the local tracks until I came across the Shady Grove Metro station.

I called my mom to pick me up, if I remember correctly. It was always just to blow off steam.

What Alex had that I don’t, however, was a real vision of getting lost. Getting away and coming to a state of nothingness. Mono-no-aware. Complete letting go and embracing the surrounding.

It is only then, after all, that we can truly start over.

I write all this, thought provoked by a spinning disc in a DVD player in the utmost disdain. I almost let this movie pass me by. I should not have been afraid. Though it does make me wish I could take such a journey or live such a life for some time, it did not drive me mad with the hatred for a society I am very much a part of. It did not turn me against my current lifestyle.

I recommend this movie fully without any caution to anyone and everyone. If you don’t like the story, hell, at least you can see a plethora of On Location shooting of parts of America you’ll probably never visit (or at least completely appreciate). The acting can sometimes feel preachy, but over all it is potent and alive. Knowing that these actors like Vince Vaughn and Hal Halbrook are playing REAL LIFE people who REALLY met and knew this kid with words taken from the amazing book by Jack Krakeur brings so much more emotion to the viewing. The beauty of the cinematography, the graceful montage editing, and the overpowering quotes of such great writers as Tolstoy, London, and Thoreau used in the narration really cements this movie as a work of art and truth.

Not my favorite movie. It most likely won’t break my top 25, though it certainly is one I will purchase, remember, and look back to when I feel like I’ve been stuck in my house for a day too long.