Set Report: An Old Hope

I’m checking in from the Tisch School of Art at NYU in NYC and boy am I having a good time!

Dan Gvozden’s film, An Old Hope is coming along magically. I’ve been here three days now and have learned an exponential amount about film making since. Being on set is the only REAL way to learn film making! Almost all of the crew has been made up of a crack team of elite professionals, battled hardened from years of set work! Luckily, I’ve gotten plenty of footage behind the scenes of set design, lighting, actors, and of course Dan’s direction.

I’ve met a lot of people and seen a lot of things. This city is amazing, and the people here are all very vibrant and alive. They aren’t kidding when they say the city never sleeps- people are always on the move, and I’ve been up at all times of day and night. The college campus where we are filming is incredibly beautiful and the office we’re using has provided an amazing set for some of Dan’s best scenes, with the fantastical art design adding to the larger-than-life feel of the small-budget movie.

Filming is coming along hilariously! Brimming with a quirky sense of humor, the root of which are the magnetic performances by Hugh Scully (Lucas Ford) and Steven Gleason (Jerry Bond, Jr.), An Old Hope is really starting to show its potential as a film-festival contender. With all the elements coming together, the fanboy fueld spirit of Dan Gvozden is starting to really translate well into a sophisticated short of deft camera movements and Classic Hollywood-styled vibrance.

I’m really glad I dragged myself out here, because this shoot is probably going to have a big impact on my life, career, and the future of Strike a Pose!!! Films. I’ll be bringing a lot of video footage back home to get the Behind the Scenes film made exclusively for this website and the DvD that’ll be coming out hopefully next year.

I’ll be back in Maryland later tonight, but for now, I’m gonna log off and get back to enjoying NYC!