New York Trip

Tomorrow I, Dylan Hintz, will be going on an epic journey to that metropolis known as New York City to help my friend Dan Gvozden, a fellow student film maker, on the set of his newest project, An Old Hope.

I will be driving back to Montgomery County, riding to the metro station down to DC, taking a bus to Chinatown NY, and then walking the rest of the way to NYU all at four in the morning.

I honestly can’t wait. I will get footage and pictures.

Dan’s very gracious in giving me a role as PA (production assistant) for this film, even going against his producer’s advisement to add another person. Must mean I’m doing something right! And its all thanks to the people who check out my website every day, or even every month. Even if you’ve just looked at it once, it’s all cause of you that I’ve made it this far.

So I’m asking the people that enjoy my site to check out Dan’s website, and watch his movies, and then go to the official movie website for

An old hope

Here’s a brief synopsis of the plot:

A promising young writer, Lucas Ford, decides that while he is successful he wants to get more out of his writing than just a paycheck. So one day he makes a public announcement that he will be disappearing until he is finished writing what he feels is the ultimate entertainment experience. After 30 years Lucas returns to find out that the script he has written, “The Star Wars,” was already made and has become the most popular film of all time.

It sounds like its going to be pretty great! So everyone head over to his site and offer your support! I’ll be sure to bring back footage from the set if I make it back in one piece!