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The FUTURE FILM MAKERS club went and saw this movie about a week ago. In Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black and Mos Def star as two New Jersey nobodies attempting to save their VHS-only video store through the action of remaking old films. Their only resources are their nostalgic memories of the films themselves and whatever random items they can find in their slum community. Its a great premise, highly inspiring in this age of do-it-yourself digital film making and distribution, and got us future film makers all really excited to see what Michael Gondry could come up with.

Unfortunately the film itself is somewhat forgettable. That’s a sad thing to admit considering its one of the more creative movies to come out of America in the last couple years, but the fact of the matter is that the pacing, the narrative, and the fun factor of a movie such as this was just way too…I dunno, WONKY to really recommend. Now I like strange things and I love outrageous cinema, but this one just really didn’t do it for me or my friends in terms of “laugh factor.” The conversations the characters have come off as disconnected, as if all the characters have rabid cases of ADD. While it isn’t unusual for a bunch of zero-budget film makers to behave in such a way, it doesn’t work for a narrative as deeply themed and potentially rich as this. The humor is also smart, but sometimes pretentiously so, that the only jokes the whole audience will tend to laugh at at once involve Jack Black’s physical comedy (i.e watching him be beaten and violated by the environment around him).

As the plot thickens and the community pulls together to help the aging and dying video store (And associated format, VHS), the story begins to congeal into something far more palatable and upbeat. One cameo by Sigourney Weaver takes a tad of a depressing turn, however, and the predictability of the film becomes apparent.

The ending is really marvelous though, and if you truly appreciate the art form of cinema then you probably should watch this film. This is one of the best displays of how film making has become the prominent art form of this generation and why it brings people together as it does. If the entire last third of the picture was used as a thesis for Film’s Power in Sociology, it’d probably get an A+. Somehow, sadly, I don’t think most viewers will get it. Hopefully you will.

If you are a mainstream viewer then a rental will be good for you. Its really hard for me to say whether or not I liked this movie, as I am sure my readers can tell by the indecisivenesses of this review, but heck, that’s why we’re allowed to have our own opinions, isn’t it? One thing is for certain- the movie was full of great performances and a couple of really truly memorable moments.

However, I think what this movie will be most remembered for is it’s impact on the internet film community. Filmmaking Frenzy did a contest based off of the “sweding” of films (Custom-to-order-film-renting-on-less-than-zero-budget) that takes place in the movie. Here’s one of the favorites I’ve seen on the internet, TERMINATOR 2:

This is the first film created by the FUTURE FILM MAKERS since The Intersection

Starring Thomas England as “Thomas,” the story here is about a young freshman college student who procrastinates so much that his GPA goes way down. His mother and father, very worried for his success, decide that the best course of action will be to send a tutor of sorts.

Unfortunately for Thomas they have sent MAX ACTION, the MAN OF ACTION, who’s methods are somewhat…unusual.

Running time- 2:30
Future Filmmakers Films 2008

CHECK IT OUT ON THE FILMS PAGE! Now with comments enabled!

These are all the updates from the last two meetings. We’ve been doing a lot.

Two meetings ago we discussed our need for T-Shirts. We’re going to try and have some by April so that we can all wear them for the Admitted Student Day Games. If you’d like to submit a design just jot something on a piece of paper that includes a 1. Film Strip 2. Camera 3. Clapboard and 4. Whatever else you want, just come up with a design that has the club’s name and we’re good! Best one wins a free T-shirt. Or something. They’ll probably be free anyways.

Speaking of First Admitted Student Day, Over the last two meetings we’ve been discussing what game we would do. It’s been decided to do some sort of shoot-em-up. I submitted to SOAP that we’ll be doing an “Action Hero Simulator” so grab your nerf guns and let’s make some cardboard cutouts! Ninjas, terrorists, and Aliens are recommended!

We’re also starting to have workshops, and if we get more attendance to the next couple of meetings we’ll probably start more of them. Writer’s, Storyboarding, and I of course will probably attempt a Fight Choreography workshop. Who knows where that’ll go…

WE NEED FLIERS. Anyone who knows graphic design needs to hop on their computer and print out fliers for the club! The information included on the flier should include…CLUB NAME, TIME of meeting, PLACE, a catchy slogan, what we do, and a bad ass picture of SOMETHING that we can place around campus. It’s gotta be PC guys, other than that, just go crazy because we REALLY need one. Or two, or three!

We also need a flier calling for entries for the Film Festival we’ll be having in March or April. Let’s get that done ASAP so we can start getting entries handed in!

Also be sure to check out for our new homepage. You can also go to the forums on the website, register, and post whatever you want about movies or whatever in the forums!

We also filmed a movie! It’s been a while since we’ve done this as a club, but MAN OF ACTION is a huge success, Thomas England plays a great prat-fall character, and I get hit by a car! This video will be showcased on PAC 14 so we’ll be getting a lot of people to see our work very soon! There will also be a video introducing the club to the community thanks to Professor Moeder, Matt, and Thomas, airing in the next few weeks. It will promote us greatly! Maybe we can get some producers.

I’ll be trying to do more saturday filmings like this from now on, probably once a week.

We will be having a movie showing in Fulton Hall 111 this Saturday from 7 to whenever, showing two very exotic and creepy films: Old Boy and Audition. Come for the movies, or come for the free food in between! (If we do not get free food I will go out to little cesars and collect 5 dollar bills for pizzas for everyone myself).

Finally this Sunday or at least sometime within the next 10 days I’d like to maintain an outing to Be Kind Rewind. See the trailers for it if you’ve never heard of it before- this movie is the perfect companion piece to our club.

Alright that’s it for this week, Filmmakers!

Here’s a new trailer for Curse of Bodangofish starring Sam Anderson as Joe Belivitz (same character from Car Trouble).

This trailer was made for Sam’s birthday, and to finally get something of the film up on the net! It contains all of his best lines, and even shows a bit of the storyline to the film itself!



The Razzie Awards, the self described “award show where the stars never show up” has posted its nominations today right along side of the Oscar Nods that have come out. Thankfully, neither group crosses over in terms of ceremonial prestige, and we get to see a fully divided set of Good and Evil between the two this year. And gee-golly what an awful year in films it was! I seriously think that The Razzie only hit the tip of the iceberg though, as it should have nicked that terrible movie of which I never speak (The Infamous Third Spider Person Film) for a few of the nominations, but the films chosen definitely merit these awards! It’s too bad they can’t all win.

Here’s the list as provided by the awards’ website,

Nominations Per Picture

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME = 9 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Horror Movie, Screenplay, Director, Remake/Rip-Off,
Supporting Actress, Actress (2x), Picture

Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor (2x) Supporting Actress, Actor, Picture

NORBIT = 8 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor (2x) Picture

BRATZ = 5 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Remake/Rip-Off, Supporting Actor, Actress, Picture

DADDY DAY CAMP = 5 Nominations
Worst Screenplay, Director, Prequel/Sequel, Actor, Picture

CAPTIVITY = 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie, Director, Actress