The Razzie Awards, the self described “award show where the stars never show up” has posted its nominations today right along side of the Oscar Nods that have come out. Thankfully, neither group crosses over in terms of ceremonial prestige, and we get to see a fully divided set of Good and Evil between the two this year. And gee-golly what an awful year in films it was! I seriously think that The Razzie only hit the tip of the iceberg though, as it should have nicked that terrible movie of which I never speak (The Infamous Third Spider Person Film) for a few of the nominations, but the films chosen definitely merit these awards! It’s too bad they can’t all win.

Here’s the list as provided by the awards’ website, www.razzies.com

Nominations Per Picture

I KNOW WHO KILLED ME = 9 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Horror Movie, Screenplay, Director, Remake/Rip-Off,
Supporting Actress, Actress (2x), Picture

Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor (2x) Supporting Actress, Actor, Picture

NORBIT = 8 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Screenplay, Director, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Actor (2x) Picture

BRATZ = 5 Nominations
Worst Screen Couple, Remake/Rip-Off, Supporting Actor, Actress, Picture

DADDY DAY CAMP = 5 Nominations
Worst Screenplay, Director, Prequel/Sequel, Actor, Picture

CAPTIVITY = 3 Nominations
Worst Excuse for a Horror Movie, Director, Actress