Today I got an email from the Office of Student Activities at Salisbury University. In this letter they informed us of an event known as the Admitted Student Day, where we show off clubs to incoming freshmen and help drive them towards their fun and enjoyable times they have coming at them at Salisbury University. I just want to say how incredibly proud I am of everyone involved in the club, and that its great to see that our efforts, big and small, are finally paying off! Let’s make this the best semester of Future Film Makers yet!

Here’s the whole email:


You have been selected as one of the outstanding RSO’s on this campus to participate in Salisbury University’s first “Admitted Student Day.” This event will invite out all students for the incoming freshmen class who have been admitted to Salisbury, but are still deciding if they are coming here. It’s our job to impress them and show them all of the awesome clubs we have on campus. We have selected your club as one of the top 25 out of 130 clubs we have on campus and want you to be there!

The event is Saturday April 5th 2008 from 8:30-10:30am (might be done closer to 10am) in Maggs gym. The event will be similar to a Student Activities Fair or Homecoming where every club will have a table to decorate, advertise, give away freebies, and do some sort of activity/game at your table. There will be prizes awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place tables for best decoration/games.

Remember, we are trying to show these prospective students ways to get involved at SU.

Please email me with any questions and RSVP to us by February 1st, 2008. Thanks!

~Student Activities