Fall Updates

So yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post on my site, which is REALLY lame. Almost a month even. School has been murdering me. Working on film projects for my Electronic Film Production Classes. We’ll have another one up soon called “SUPER JERKS” directed by Mateo Samper and edited by Yours Truly. I’ve been writing film essays for Film History Class- wait till you hear what I’ve got to say about The Battleship Potemkin and how it’s changed my perceptions on film completely. For my Popular History course I’ve been trying to pull together a project on Western Masculinity about various male Archetypes in cowboy hat’s. My statistics project had a slide-show of my data collection of my DVDs.

There’s only one class out of five that I’m taking that I have not done anything film related with. So my brain’s been turning to mush. By the end of September though, there’ll be a bunch more updates, so keep on the look out!

Here’s updates on STRIKE A POSE!!! Films so far:

The site has gone through an update to hopefully contain a less-abrasive aesthetic and some more user options. Hope you enjoy it, I know its a load off my moderator’s shoulders. The last site apparently had some obnoxious coding or something…yeah I know I don’t speak computer well. I’m a film guy, what do you expect?

I haven’t done much with my current projects:

the deal

CLARITY is only about 65% through its rough cut edit, but the cast members and outside viewers are liking it so far. If you’ve seen some of it already and have an opinion, please leave a comment!

Line of Site

LINE OF SIGHT is actually only about 30% done, but it IS getting there with ideas and pacing. Lot of complicated continuity on that one, which is a big contrast from Clarity, a film that’s supposed to be a tad bit surreal and doesn’t rely on continuity to tell its story.

CURSE OF BODANGOFISH will also be edited, as will the previous two, completely and finished and on DVD etc etc *let’s try not to make promises we can’t keep* BY THE END OF JANUARY.


We have a title, and a school article, and I’ll be making a post about that later. Just thought I’d give an update.

Anniversary Tribute Video!

The site’s been up for a year now (Remember, Remember the Fifth of November!)

So here’s a video, celebrating many if not all of the people I’ve worked with in films since I’ve started this crazy journey. I honestly could not have gotten this far without you guys. I owe it all to the stars.

This was actually made a year ago for my Television Production class, hence the low quality (the teacher put it on MiniDv for some reason), so don’t exactly expect much from this. HOWEVER there is ONE SCENE of new footage hidden within! So I hope you guys enjoy!


The WGA (Writers Guild of America) is currently on Strike, as protest and discussing negotiations with the Big Wig Corporate- whoever the hell that currently is, for better wages, minimums, and residuals for their work. I particularly am one of the most indecisive people when it comes to pay and politics- I’m personally a “Harmonist” or something of the sort if a term could ever be applied. However, this is the first time anything of this variety has come to my attention at a personal, creative, business, and just plain everyday interest level.

I am a young film maker. I make movies. I occasionally “write” but usually we improvise concepts. In any case though, this will effect myself, my friend Dan Gvozden and a lot of the other people who I know that are trying to get into this industry. So for a change, I’m paying attention.

So should you, anyone who reads this site, who comes across it with a real interest in the industry. Here is the start to John August’s blog about the subject- a cause for which he’s out in the cold picketing for. Some people think he’s a moron for doing this, some people think he’s a Saint. I personally feel he is just a guy trying to get a better break and have his voice heard for what he wants to do. If it helps, it helps. If it doesn’t- artists will manage- they always find a way even in Nazi Germany.

I’ve largely avoided talking about contract negotiations and the strike,1 because I have no particular insight. I’m not on the WGA Board, nor the negotiating committee. But because I’m one of the higher-profile screenwriters, people give whatever I say unwarranted authority. And you know, I’m all about authority.

Now that we’re at the 23rd hour, I can clarify a little bit more about what’s going on, and where I stand.

Last night, I went to the largest WGA meeting in history, held at the Convention Center downtown. The negotiating committee explained the progress (and lack of progress) in negotiations with the AMPTP, and confirmed that a strike would be occurring. Representatives from helpful allies, including SAG and the Teamsters, also spoke. I was encouraged by the thoughtfulness of the negotiating committee, who are dedicated to achieving a fair deal without unwarranted suffering.

If you know absolutely nothing about the issues — or if you have to explain it to your grandmother, who’s upset that her favorite soap opera is off the air — here’s my very short summary of the situation.

*Writers for film and television are paid a small fee when the things they write (movies and television shows) are shown again on re-runs or DVD. These are called residuals, and they’re much like the royalties a novelist or a songwriter gets.

* Residuals are a huge part of how writers are able stay in the business. These quarterly checks pay the mortgage, particularly between jobs.

*There’s widespread belief that the rate paid to writers for DVD’s is too low. It was set 20 years ago, when DVD was a nascent and expensive technology. DVD’s are now cheap and hugely profitable, yet the rate remains fixed.

*Downloads will eventually supplant DVD’s. That’s why it’s crucial to set a fair rate for them now, and avoid the same trap of “let’s wait and see.”

*There are other creative and jurisdictional issues (such as animation and reality television) which are also on the table. According to the AMPTP, residuals are the major stumbling block, however.2

I would honestly post more of his blog, but then I’d feel like I was committing plagiarism, instead I’ll just post my comment (#88)- but PLEASE read everyone else’s if you have a spar hour and you want to be a part of this industry. It’s VERY important to your future!

I’ve been reading this blog for nearly a straight hour now (this one post in particular), and have found this to be the most fascinating thing I’ve come into contact with in the last couple of months. This is the first political/economic movement that I’ve ever actually felt like I’m at least somewhat a part of.

Student Film Maker, somewhat an enthusiast of the digital medium, I totally suck at managing my website but put stuff up on their (should be something new and craptastic but with equal amounts of love put in it up tomorrow), only because of the immense love I have for doing this. Though, quite frankly, I feel I’m starting to burn out on film making a bit too much.

There are a LOT of young people finally getting into film making now that it has become available to them and I see this Strike as something every damned one of them should read. I’m going to link this blog as much as I can, to my site and to my facebook group for Future Film Makers, and to all the places I know people read whatever little I write (I’m not one for blogging much).

I shall do this because the medium of film is just one gigantic mystery- no one really knows how pay works for anyone. The most clear cut explanation of how someone in the industry has ever been paid is the Salary section of IMDB for actors. The only one of which is accurately displayed, in my opinon, is Jack Nicholson’s info on getting a #^%t load of money for the Batman film from 1989. How do writers get paid? Do you have any money to look forward to as a young, aspired child of this future industry?

Money is going to be made on the internet, a BIG load of money in a few years. The guys from Red vs. Blue, this one group I know called Westhavenbrook.com, Ashens.com and a bunch of other people who syndicate themselves through Youtube and get squat for it (or do they through links to their own work embedded in the videos themselves?) are the future of the medium. My biggest hero of film making in just last two months went from Clint Eastwood to Eisenstein, so I’m diving backwards, but let’s face it- there’s more ignorance about this industry than almost any industry out there.

So, in conclusion to this very muddled and space-consuming statement I’ve laid forth, I really just have one thing to ask:

Let’s not fire rhetoric, verbose insults or even “claims” of what you know about how this is going to “affect” the “future” for a moment. Could some people out there, who TRULY know, like John, Paula, and a few others who have made it clear that they have insight, EXPLAIN how, at the core (yes I know too many commas), this industry works ALREADY in terms of pay. Not from a good angle, or a bad angle, just from this angle: “This is how this industry works as of now.” I’m really interested in that. Sorry I can’t be more specific- it’s 3:10 in the morning (TO YUMA!) and I’ve just read through over 85 comments.

Sci Fi Film That Didn’t Make It!

Here’s another interesting list, swung my way by a friend, but I’m gonna be posting it cause it’s just SO RIGHT!

This one is a list of Sci Fi sequels that never got made, as compiled by

Featured in this list are Starcraft, an adaptation of the popular FPS game from the late 90’s, The REAL Matrix and Aliens sequels, and of course getting Star Wars VII VIII and IX made.

Anakin is depressed

Looks like Anakin is pretty depressed that his films were so shitty, and that Alien 3 wasn’t made like it was originally intended either.

PS we also have a new category called “LISTS” so you can see all the lists that have been posted, they’re sometimes the most interesting reads you can find when it comes to movies!

Meet the Spartans

This was just too funny to pass up:

Starring Kevin Sorbo…at least I know that much…you know what’s weird is that I can’t find the info on IMDB. I found this video on Rotten Tomatos, linked it from Youtube.

Anyways, enjoy the only interesting parody I’ve seen in a while.