Fall Updates

So yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post on my site, which is REALLY lame. Almost a month even. School has been murdering me. Working on film projects for my Electronic Film Production Classes. We’ll have another one up soon called “SUPER JERKS” directed by Mateo Samper and edited by Yours Truly. I’ve been writing film essays for Film History Class- wait till you hear what I’ve got to say about The Battleship Potemkin and how it’s changed my perceptions on film completely. For my Popular History course I’ve been trying to pull together a project on Western Masculinity about various male Archetypes in cowboy hat’s. My statistics project had a slide-show of my data collection of my DVDs.

There’s only one class out of five that I’m taking that I have not done anything film related with. So my brain’s been turning to mush. By the end of September though, there’ll be a bunch more updates, so keep on the look out!

Here’s updates on STRIKE A POSE!!! Films so far:

The site has gone through an update to hopefully contain a less-abrasive aesthetic and some more user options. Hope you enjoy it, I know its a load off my moderator’s shoulders. The last site apparently had some obnoxious coding or something…yeah I know I don’t speak computer well. I’m a film guy, what do you expect?

I haven’t done much with my current projects:

the deal

CLARITY is only about 65% through its rough cut edit, but the cast members and outside viewers are liking it so far. If you’ve seen some of it already and have an opinion, please leave a comment!

Line of Site

LINE OF SIGHT is actually only about 30% done, but it IS getting there with ideas and pacing. Lot of complicated continuity on that one, which is a big contrast from Clarity, a film that’s supposed to be a tad bit surreal and doesn’t rely on continuity to tell its story.

CURSE OF BODANGOFISH will also be edited, as will the previous two, completely and finished and on DVD etc etc *let’s try not to make promises we can’t keep* BY THE END OF JANUARY.


We have a title, and a school article, and I’ll be making a post about that later. Just thought I’d give an update.