Anniversary Tribute Video!

The site’s been up for a year now (Remember, Remember the Fifth of November!)

So here’s a video, celebrating many if not all of the people I’ve worked with in films since I’ve started this crazy journey. I honestly could not have gotten this far without you guys. I owe it all to the stars.

This was actually made a year ago for my Television Production class, hence the low quality (the teacher put it on MiniDv for some reason), so don’t exactly expect much from this. HOWEVER there is ONE SCENE of new footage hidden within! So I hope you guys enjoy!

  • Funkyman Sam

    Hahaha, Good Times. I remember all of those and more. We’ve all been through a lot together, haven’t we? Very, very good times.

  • Of course you’d show me in my best roll thus far! xD

    When you get back, we’ll get my nice bald shiny head on the screen. =P