Man of Action on Youtube

Man of Action is now officially on YouTube for public viewing! We’re hoping this well increase the exposure of the website, so please, if you’re a fan of what we do, go out and view it on youtube! Spread it to your friends! GET IT VIRAL!

We need to get our stuff out there!

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More updates to come within the week!

It’s been nearly a month, and we’ll have a slew of new videos up! First is this gem, GULLMAN: DEFENDER OF SALISBURY! To check it out and comment on the films page, click here.

Made for both the Future Film Makers Club and Gull’s Eye View, “Gullman: Defender of Salisbury” is the last comedy skit directed by Dylan Hintz for PAC 14.

After weeks of criminal unrest in the Salisbury University Area, the campus is in utter disarray! Thankfully, the Allegiance of Super Heroes has sent in one of their best champions, Gullman (who just happens to fit the theme of the campus), to help clean up crime and save the day! Little does he know what lay in store for him. Based around an interview with local news-figurehead Robert Queue- “Gullman” breaks into many different forms of media and is one of the more complex works crafted by the Future Film Makers.

Many special thanks go out on this one:

Stephanie Kratz for designing, making, and fitting the AMAZING Gullman costume, as well as Teleprompter work
James Howe (Gullman) for putting up with everything.
Philip Krocheski (Robert Queue) for filling in at the last minute for a spectacular end!
Matt Horst (Gangsta Gangsta) for playing an amazingly accurate portrayal of a SU thug
Keith Mathias (Steve the College student) for playing an amazingly accurate portrayal of an SU student
Jason Brown and Amber Todd for studio help!
Sam Anderson for the use of his track “Thrasher”
And everyone else who showed up to make this project as great as it is!

3 minutes and 10 seconds. 2008 Future Film Makers Productions.

So much to talk about and so little time. But here’s the gist of it:

We’ve been doing a LOT of hard work. Quite a few projects underway, including the previously mentioned Jasper Conroy: Salisbury Bounty Hunter, the recently completely Gullman: Defender of Salisbury (yes, there is a theme here), and the running of our amazingly soon-to-be-mega-successful FILM FESTIVAL!

We currently have about 3 feature length and 15 short entries, totaling at over FIVE HOURS of footage. Here’s a brief idea of what we’ve got:

Starting at 3 PM we’ll be showing:
7even Days by Jay Szech (75 Minutes)
Panel with Jay (10- 15 minutes)
Short Break (5 minutes)

Robert Cogdell’s Films (10 minutes total)
Short Panel with Rob Cogdell (5 minutes)
Hudson Harrison by David M. Demerest (7 minutes)
Conflict Now by Dylan Hintz (8 minutes)
War: A Documentary by Thomas England (20 Minutes)
Short Break (5 minutes)
Scott’s Worst Day by Scott Dotterwich (6 minutes)
Playing Games in Purgatory by Ryan Henry (45 minutes)
Short Discussion (5 minutes)
The L Files by David M. Demerest (8 Minutes)
Piano Man: A Documentary by Marc Gast (20 minutes)

WAC Zombies (6 minutes)
Mean Boy and Bum by Ed Lauler (5 minutes)
I Don’t Live Today by Ed Lauler (15 minutes)
Man of Action by The Future Film Makers Club (3 minutes)
Gull Man by The Future Film Makers Club (4 minutes)
Hit and Run by Alexis Morrel and Lauren Depaul (60 minutes)

Post show Previews:
Jasper Conroy by the Future Film Makers Club
An Old Hope and Option Ingredients by Dan Gvozden
Line of Sight and Clarity by Dylan Hintz

This event will be ending around 10 or 11 PM

Other than that, good news: THE GALLERIES ARE BACK UP! Check out the new pictures here

New videos will becoming up soon, with Gull Man and Jasper Conroy, plus footage from the set of An Old Hope trip that I took last month.

I’m incredibly busy with this festival, as you can see, but hopefully it’ll all pay off! We’ve got a lot of entries and we’re making a big name not just for the club, but for film making in general through this amazing festival!

Film Festival 08


The Film Festival will be soon! May 3rd, most likely at 3:00 PM to whenever! Email me to enter!

Taxi Driver Scene

Check it out here on the FILMS page and comment!

This short scene from Taxi Driver was made for my Directing Actor’s for Film Class at Salisbury. In the original film and screenplay, directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Paul Schrader, Travis Bickle is a marine honorably discharged from the service who lives in New York City. Over his time living there he develops an obsession with Betsy, a young office worker for the Charles Palantine Presidential Campaign. This obsession leads him to ask her out on a date. It sounds simple enough, but I chose this scene because of Travis’s underlying motives and Betsy’s ignorance– a by product of Travis’s off-beat charisma and her desires for things of the spectacular variety. The portayal of such was carried through beautifully by both actors, Roland L. and Emily J. Thomas from the future film makers club makes a guest appearance as an improvised Tom.

Written by Paul Schrader, Music by Bernard Herrman
Directed by Dylan Hintz
Starring Roland L and Emily J. Guest appearance by Thomas England.