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Today it is time to once again eat a healthy portion of weenies with Sam Anderson, our amazing actor extraordinaire! Now I know what you’re thinkin- you’re thinking, “Dylan…that sounds kinda peculiar! Why would you be posting about eating weenies with Sam?”

Well fans and friends, it is a time honored tradition, and this year a lot of the cast and crew will be in one place at one time, so it’s gonna be a blast! Pictures will come later, I’m sure, but for now, we’re gonna let you imagine the greatness that’ll be flooding just one room- a room full of Sam Anderson, Dylan Hintz, Robert Novich, Robert Ramirez, Ryan Jacob, and a LOT of weenies!

Oh, and we’ll be doing our yearly viewing of Curse of Bodangofish, Clarity, and possibly even Line of Sight! Check out these great old classics and hit some comments, or share them on facebook or twitter with all of you friends!

Oh, and for all of you still wondering when the hell Curse of Bodangofish will come to the internet? I was planning on it this summer but we got booked with all the Max Action stuff and whatnot. However! There is still potential for a release by the end of the year! We just need to hear you begging for it!

SCENE: Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg MD.

A little over three weeks ago I participated in a final round audition for a modeling contest hosted by the American Mall Model Search. The grand prize was a one year contract with Model Productions, a company that’s been around for over 25 years and has produced loads of successful actors and models.

The contest required the completion of three tasks:

A photo shoot

Photo touch ups courtesy of Elizabeth Harvey, who we’ll have a post about next time!

A runway walk featuring personalized clothing

And a talent performance (for me, acting!)

I was nervous as hell, but I knew because of my history with Future Film Makers, Six Flags, Al Thompson’s project, the various indies I’ve been working on and the undying support of my family and friends, I would at least have a shot. Good thing all the training I’ve been doing with Self Mastery Systems at least let me feel like my body belonged there…

Special thanks also go out to a mentor of mine, Kevin Christy, who sent me this email regarding how I should approach the monologue contest:

in a situation like this, don’t over do it. people make the mistake of trying to showcase every talent they have as opposed to just acting what’s appropriate to the piece. there are a a million monologues out there, it doesn’t matter so much which one you do. it matters how comfortably you execute it […] try to enjoy yourself, performing when its done correctly is extremely fun. don’t worry about it . the life of a performer is filled with performances, there is no “most important” one. they are all the same.

Truer words of wisdom are very rarely spoken!

Then I saw all these beautiful young women dancing and singing, and videos of chiseled Adonises up on the monitor, I got pretty nervous pretty quick. My talents only extend as far as my pronunciation and occasional comedic timing (which usually involves flailing my arms around like a madman), hence me not usually starring in the Strike a Pose!!! Films you see on this site.

But when it came down to it, I worked my butt off and with help from my girlfriend, who had complete and unyielding faith in me (I know, I’d say she’s pretty crazy too!), I managed to win over the audiences with my performances, and get marks high enough from the incredibly supportive judges, sending me up into the heavens towards stardom!

Well, at least let’s hope so!

Once again, thank you to all my family and friends who helped out, I couldn’t have done this without you!

It has been announced! The next film to be released on the STRIKE A POSE!!! roster will be the 2008 short-play adaptation, A Growing Problem, starring Khalfani Blount and Jennifer Ruggeri.

Helen is a widow and Frank is a widower. Their love has been growing for some time now, but so has one of Helen’s plants…and this may present some problems for their budding relationship. The thing is, Frank is a retired cop, and Helen’s plant may be slightly illegal.

As our first adaption of another writer’s work (and from another medium!), the story is taken from a short play written by professional playwright Jeanette D. Farr, who’s other work can be found here.

Be sure to thank her, because Ms. Farr has graciously provided me with the permission to release this movie to the viewing public! So on Sunday night, June 6th, we’ll be premiering another great Strike a Pose!!! Film, our first romantic comedy furthermore, for the whole wide world to see!

Today is Mother’s Day and in celebration of my mom, I put forth the effort and made a little video to congratulate her on a recent victory over morning radio:

Thanks Mix 107.3 for making this possible, and

Thank you Mom, for giving me everything– life, love, and lots of support towards making cool little things like this for you! Happy Mother’s Day!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you, Line of Sight: A Peregrine Saga Tale.


Here are some behind the scenes insights, sorta a reflection if you will:

Nearly three years ago, I ordered a new camera off BHPhotovideo, my dependable and incredibly versatile PVGS500. Needing to test out its capabilities my friends Sam Anderson, Robert Ramirez, Robert Novich, and Damien McCoy set out to make a couple of movies. We came up with some quick scripts, one of which was the almost entirely improvised Clarity, and the other was LINE OF SIGHT, a prototype chapter in the epic Peregrine Saga that STRIKE A POSE!!! Films has planned for a future independent feature release. The first demo of which was the third movie I ever made, Locked Blades (parts 1 and 2), also starring Robert Ramirez.

Line of Sight is a culmination of many genres, and in that sense sort of hits a “kitchen sink” niche, a-la Japanese action movies, American Westerns, kung fu flicks, and to an extent the post-apocalyptic sci fi fantasy genre. I’d say my biggest influences are Sergio Leone, Ryuhei Kitamura, Akira Kurosawa, John Ford, Gordon Liu, and Luc Besson.

Regardless of what genre the series fits into, The Peregrine Saga contains the themes of morality tales and finding a place in a world where many must start from scratch to succeed. In this sense, it’s almost a post-post-apocalyptic tale, wherein the world has started over, and its people have forgotten its past.

A lot of other firsts happened with this movie. We found a brand new beautiful location in Montgomery County to shoot. Robert Novich had his first starring role, while Sam Anderson had his first supporting after a long track of the vice-versa. Robert Ramirez performed his first choreography for the group, and in the three years since has sharpened his skills studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi with Self Mastery Systems.

What the shoot culminated in was something the complete opposite of Clarity- a sparsely dialogued action pursuit film with three short choreographed fights and a fantasy-styled intro prologue. For the most part, we think it worked.
In any case, here it is, after three long years, premiering on the internet for the first time for the whole world to potentially see. We hope you enjoy it, and thank you for supporting the actors and crew. They took a lot of hits to the head to provide you with these 8 and a half minutes of entertainment.


Dylan Hintz
Director- Strike a Pose!!! Films