It has been announced! The next film to be released on the STRIKE A POSE!!! roster will be the 2008 short-play adaptation, A Growing Problem, starring Khalfani Blount and Jennifer Ruggeri.

Helen is a widow and Frank is a widower. Their love has been growing for some time now, but so has one of Helen’s plants…and this may present some problems for their budding relationship. The thing is, Frank is a retired cop, and Helen’s plant may be slightly illegal.

As our first adaption of another writer’s work (and from another medium!), the story is taken from a short play written by professional playwright Jeanette D. Farr, who’s other work can be found here.

Be sure to thank her, because Ms. Farr has graciously provided me with the permission to release this movie to the viewing public! So on Sunday night, June 6th, we’ll be premiering another great Strike a Pose!!! Film, our first romantic comedy furthermore, for the whole wide world to see!