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Trevor Hintz, my younger brother, and actor in the early years of Strike a Pose!!! Films, turns 15 today. Its truly a day worth celebrating, and in doing so we’re gonna post a couple of old flicks, just to remind us of how awesome his acting was! And could still be! Just look at these chops!

Trevor Hintz in: Ascension

Trevor Hintz in: Ascension

Trevor Hintz was one of the first actors to play a “bringer of death”, thankfully coming in and ending a movie that we had no idea how to conclude! And how?



Trevor at the end of Third Path

Trevor at the end of Third Path

But was that enough for Trevor’s character, Hunter? No it wasn’t! He came back, WITH AVENGENCE in…


Trevor, as Hunter, would face off against Orion’s unnamed Sith Lord character. What a trooper!


The third film is still yet to be filmed, but may be done soon! Who knows? Depends on what the tyke asks for for his birthday!

But as for today, we salute Trevor’s efforts in Strike a Pose!!! Films, he’s been a big help and a big supporter, and we hope to have him in more movies! Happy Birthday bro!

Today’s update is a simple one, more of a production update than anything.

There’ll be a video up eventually to show the video project I worked on over the summer.

As well as maybe a clip from the stunt show I was in!

JASPER CONROY 2 is currently in pre-production, steadily getting complete. The screenplay i about half done, and the props are being made as we speak. We also have a special effects guy on the team now, from Redwolf99 on YouTube. He’s also re-working the special effects of Part 1.

Also, a friend of the site and member of Future Film Makers, Tom Murphy, is working on a short which I am producing, called “The Punching Bag”. Casting is almost done, screenplay is wrapped, and locations are about to be scouted.

Mike Woodard, creator of Bride and friend of the site, has been busy at work on a new series: Death Makes Fools of Us All. Here’s that vid:

The rest of the club is busy producing, I am working towards my big project for next semester. Life is goin’ pretty good! Bout ready to catch up on my Martial Arts documentary as well.

More updates soon to come!

Introducing the most EXTREME thing ever put on the internet! BRYAN BABCOCK’S LIFE STORY!

This video was made as a documentary short project for Professor Don Elkins during the Fall 08 Semester at Salisbury University in which I took News Production. The documentary focuses on Bryan’s pre-birth-near-death experiences, his fascination with fancy cheeses, his amazing stories of shark fighting, Babstock- an entire festival dedicated to himself, his love for Bear Grills and his mother. Bryan is certainly more EXTREME than you, and you should feel privileged to even be VIEWING this video.

Bryan Babcock is so EXTREME that Chuck Norris weeps in shame whenever he hears his name, for he is not as EXTREME.

It was a last minute, fun-filled experience.

Video is somewhere around 9 and a half minutes, and stars myself and Bryan. That’s basically all you need to know, aside from how freakin’ EXTREME it is!

By the way- Happy Birthday, dude. You’re the best production partner in the world! We kicked that classes’ ASS!

Be sure to check it out on the Films Page as well and make some permanent comments about how EXTREME you find Bryan’s life!

Future Film Makers, a club I’ve ran at Salisbury University for the past few years, has wrapped filming and production of its first Feature Film, BRIDE, written and directed by Mike Woodard. I act as producer on the project, and group favorites Thomas England (Man of Action) and James Howe (Gullman, The Spy Wars series), costar in it along with. Steve “Siggy” Young is also a huge part of the production, playing the villainous Professor.

The story is about Cory Hertz, a sophomore at Salisbury University who begins a research project that will change his life forever. Investigating the tragic disappearance from school over a decade ago of the long lost student, Mea Bridell, Cory uncovers a plot of love, obsession, and revenge that leads him on a chase to discover her fate. With his reluctant but faithful friend Douglas in tow, the two spiral down their own path of madness, reaching for the truth until they finally encounter the dangerous person and the malicious grudge that rendered a young love to it’s bitter end.

The finished film will be premiering in Salisbury sometime in October (probably around Halloween) and possibly double featuring with Strike a Pose Films!!! Classic, Curse of Bodangofish.

Be sure to check out Mike Woodard’s youtube page, for more details.

You can find more information about this project on its film page, here. More updates to come.

Check it out on YouTube and help us spread it around…get people interested in the mystery.